Region 5: BEEM


Lady Catherine McCarthur - Chair

I am a retired administrator/secretary, having worked for the NHS for 33 years. I am currently Chair at East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel and Chair at Windsor Park Tenants and Residents Association (Estbl. 1996) as well as volunteering at VSS (Heart and Stroke Club). I am also a member of the Public Partnership Health Forum and Musselburgh Town Centre Task Force. I have Committee experience in the following areas Allocations, Housing Revenue Account, Responsive Repairs, Estate Inspections Overview Group, Community Safety Forum, Community Planning Strategy Partnership, Tenant Participation Sub Group, Anti- Social Behaviour Overview Group, Project Monitoring Group, Tenants Information Service Strategic Review and in June 2012 I completed a 10 week Community Activist Course with East Lothian Community Learning Partnership. My previous interests have been in School Council, School Board, Community Council, East Lothian. Voluntary Organisation Network and J.P./Magistrate. Volunteering widens your experience, keeps you motivated and forges friendships while hopefully serving your committee.

In June this year, I was thrilled to be given a birthday present from my family of a Title Deed confirming purchase to plot of land on a Highland Estate in Glencoe which by ancient tradition, the ownership of land in Scotland, allows me now to be titled ‘Lady Catherine McArthur’.

David Corcoran - Vice Chairperson

Ive been heavily involved with community groups over the last 25 years encouraging social inclusion and empowerment at a grass roots level ive have been part of many groups Wester Hailes Representative Council, Edinburgh Tennants Federation, WHALE Arts, and Westburn Village Neighbourhhod Council just to name a few.

I'm Currently Vice Chair of BEEM, Vice Chair of WHALE Arts, Chairperson of Westburn Village NC, and im also Chairperson of a group that supports people who are having or have had Bariatric surgery.

I enjoy working with others to encourage empowerment and inclusion at all levels.

Lillias Reid - Secretary

I became involved in tenant participation when Midlothian Tenant's Forum was formed in March 2006, and was registered as an RTO in November of that year. I was elected Secretary at the Inaugral General Meeting held the same month and have been voted back each year since. MTF is still a very young forum and in that respect I am on a learning curve. I have attended conferences, seminars and TPAS training sessions, gaining experience in tenant participation along the way. I am also a member of BEEM Region 5 Committee and was also part of the initial short term steering group. I was elected Secretary in June 2012. My main interest is making sure that tenants get the best deals possible from Central & Scottish Governments and the Local Authorities through consultation and mutual agreement.

Jeanette M Boyd - Treasurer

Occupation: Senior Administration Officer – Retired, City of Edinburgh Council – 28 Years
Previous Interests: Community Council, East Lothian Mediation Service, Sacro.
Present: Tenant Regulation Advisory Group (TRAG) Scottish Housing Regulator, Tenant Assessor, Scottish Government, Executive Board Member, Tenants Information Service. Tenant Participation.
TP Experience Secretary – East Lothian Tenants and Residents Panel Secretary – Windsor Park Tenants and Residents Assoc.
Committee Experience: Responsive Repairs, Affordable Housing, Voids, TP Sub Group, Strategic Review, Project Monitoring Group, Budget Monitoring Group, Re-housing Panel, Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre, Management Committee, Estate Inspections, Local Housing Plan, Strategy and Development.
Others: Meet with Senior Managers, Meet with Senior Councillors

Tracey Alder

I worked for many years for Lloyds Bank Plc. I came to live in the beautiful Scottish Borders in 2006.
I have been Secretary for Eildon Tenants Organisation since 2007/08. We are the the biggest RTO that Eildon Housing Association have. I have been the main motivator of the Committee and kept the group going from a Committee of just 3 people to the strong positive group that we are today and hopefully we make a difference and give Eildon tenants the voice that they should have with their Landlord.
I am Secretary of Galashiels and Langlee Community Council and have been for 6 years. Even though I have a disability I do as much as I can to make sure that my Town gets the recognition that it should have. I am Secretary for the Community Council sub committee Gala in Bloom and also the Gala Community Events Group. My secretarial skills are once again put in to practice in my role on the Management Committee for the Focus Community Centre in Galashiels.
I am a very people orientated person and by joining BEEM hope that I get the chance to get acquainted with the other BEEM members and add to the knowledge I have already gained about the world of Social Rented Housing.

Terence Kirby

I represent Wharton Square Residents Group. Member of ETF- Registered Social Landlords-Tenant GroupOver 50 years of Business life I have had a variety of interesting and challenging jobs, Self Employed, set up and ran my own businesses and was employed by household named nationals.
The skills, knowledge and qualities gained over the years have helped in getting through difficult economic times.
“Can Do” person trying to get it right first time and every time
A person with a desire to contribute to making a difference.
Motivator-Entrepreneur-Negotiator-Team Player-Achiever-Listener

Bryan Pitbladdo

I am a member of Moredun and Hyvot TARA

Brian Lacey

I am member of Eildon Tenants Organisation.

Alison Stewart

I am a member of TAPTAG in Midlothian.

Elaine Ferguson

I am a member of TAPTAG in Midlothian