Region 5: BEEM

Region 5 Responses to Consultations

As part of the Regional Networks remit to aid communication between the Scottish Government and Regional Tenants Organisations (RTOs), we are here to provide a platform to respond to your issues and concerns.

Over time this page will build up a list of responses from this region to various consultations that address the changes that affect our communities.

BEEM - HRA RESPONSE [DOCX - 26Kb] BEEM response to HRA Consultation.

BEEM SHR Consultation response [DOC - 87Kb] BEEM response to SHR Consultation on Scottish Social Housing Charter Indicators

BEEM Right to Buy Consultation response [DOC - 268Kb] BEEM response to the Right to Buy Consultation

BEEM - Affordable Rented Housing Consultation [DOC - 323Kb] BEEM response to Affordable Housing Consultation - April 2012

Response to Housing Charter Consultation [DOC - 608Kb] BEEM response to Housing Charter Stage 1 Consultation

BEEM response to the FOI consultation [DOCX - 75Kb] BEEM response to FOI extension consultation