Region 3: Tayforth

Region 3 Responses to Consultations

As part of the Regional Networks remit to aid communication between the Scottish Government and Regional Tenants Organisations (RTOs), we are here to provide a platform to respond to your issues and concerns.

Over time this page will build up a list of responses from this region to various consultations that address the changes that affect our communities.

Response to Evictions in the Social Rented Sector
Tayforth's response to Eviction in the Social Rented Sector Consultation May 2010 [DOC - 96Kb]

Response to Housing Bill 2009
Tayforth response to Housing Bill Consultation [DOC - 132Kb]

Response to the Scottish Social Housing Charter October 2011
Scottish Social Housing Charter Tayforth RN Response Oct 2011 [DOC - 153Kb]

Response to the Scottish Housing Regulator Consultation November 2011
Scottish Housing Regulator Consultation Tayforth RN response Nov 2011 [DOC - 170Kb]

Response to Affordable Housing Consultation 2012
Affordable Housing Consultation Tayforth RN Response [DOC - 307Kb]

Response to Scottish Housing Regulator Scottish Social Housing Charter Indicators Consultation July 2012
Scottish Housing Regulator SSHC Indicators Consultation response July 2012 [DOC - 86Kb]

Right to Buy Consultation response August 2012
Tayforth Regional Network Righ To Buy Consultation Response [DOC - 278Kb]

Response to PRS Consultation - Appointment to Scottish Tribunals - October 2015
Region 3 response - PRS consultation for appointment to Scottish Tribunals [DOC - 52Kb]