About Regional Networks

Getting started

A conference was held in 2004 where tenants and residents expressed a desire for better communication with the Scottish Government. At that time there was no practical, meaningful way for them to engage with the Government.

There are now  around 470 RTOs in Scotland, and over 90 representatives from RTOs and after a full consultation with RTOs a new re-strcutred 4 Regional Network set up was created on the 1 November 2017.

Each network covers a number of local authority areas. The Scottish Government’s tenant priorities team is supporting all of them.

The team are Anne Cook, Ann Marie Stanley, Susan McLellan, Annabel MacMillan and Shona Ritson.

The Regional Network website will be updated to reflect the new Regional Network set up in May 2018.

In order to keep the content of the website current and up to date we have removed minutes from 2008-2014. If you are looking for historical data about the Regional Network please contact us and we will be happy to assist.