North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Meeting - 8 April 2022

Meeting Date and Time
Virtual Event



North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Committee Meeting on Friday, 8th April 2022

at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom




             1.        Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest.              (CS)                                      

             2.        Minute of Meeting held on 11th February 2022 and

                      Matters Arising.                                                                             (CS)              

             3.        Treasurer’s Report                                                                        (LHM)           

             4.        Business Matters –

                        • Website Update.                                                                           (CS)

                        • Chairs and Secretaries Group Update.                                 (CS)

                        • SHR Liaison Group Update.                                                     (LHM)

                        • Communications Group/Strategy Report.                            (CS/LHM)

                        • Rent Focus Group Report.                                                        (CS/TO)

                        • HRA Group Update.                                                                    (GL/TO/


                        • Housing 2040 Group Update.                                                   (CS)

                        • A New Deal for Tenants Consultation Feedback.               (ALL)

                        • Questions and Answers with Shona Robison and

                          Patrick Harvie Feedback.                                                           (CS/SB)

             5.        A.O.C.B.

                        • AGM.                                                                                               (ALL)

             6.        Date and Time of Next Meeting –

                        AGM – Saturday, 14th May 2022 at 11.00 a.m. via Zoom.    (ALL)


            (Please forward Apologies to the Secretary in advance of the Meeting)