Central Scotland Regional Network 4 - Minutes - 14 February 2019

Minutes of the Central Regional Network Meeting

Thursday 14th February 2019 at 11 am

Mayfield Centre, Stirling, FK7 0DB




Hugh McClung MBE


Stirling Tenants Assembly

George McGuinness MBE


Baillieston Tenants and Residents

June Anderson


Clackmannanshire Tenants and Residents Federation

Susan Robertson


Clackmannanshire Tenants and Residents Federation

Shona Gorman


Link Tenants Scrutiny Panel

Lindsay Anderson


Link Housing Association

Peter Winnie


Coatbridge Federation of Tenants & Residents

Philomena McClung


Stirling Tenants Assembly

John Duffy


Coatbridge Federation of Tenants & Residents

Mary Niven


Trust Customer Panel


In Attendance:


Susan McLellan

Scottish Government

Anne Cook

Scottish Government

Cat McMeeken

Scottish Government

Michael Griffiths

Stirling Tenants Assembly




Geoff Morgan


Breton & Corentin Court RA

Jeanette Arneil


Clydesdale Housing Association Tenants & Residents

Donna Murray


Larkhall Area Tenants & Residents Association










Welcome to all from HMcC and a thank you extended Mayfield Centre for hosting the meeting and for those from Stirling who arranged the meeting.

Apologies noted above.




Round Table Introductions


As there were new people at the meeting including Cat McMeeken and Anne Cook from the Scottish Government, everyone introduced themselves around the table. HMcC also gave some background to the work of the RN’s.









Minutes of the last meeting/minutes Arising


Minutes approved, Philomena McClung, no matters arising. A meeting took place in December, this meeting wasn’t minuted as the meeting was arranged primarily to go over the SHR consultation.


HMcC took the opportunity at this point to apologise to the committee for the misunderstanding regarding the consultation, Hugh was under the impression the consultation had been completed and therefore advised Lesley from TPAS this was the case. Lesley knew prior to attending that the remit was to complete the consultation on behalf of the committee and has herself apologised for the misunderstanding, however she was advised on the day that it had been done and didn’t therefore pursue completing the return. Comments were received on this issue from LA and SG who were disappointed that the consultation was not completed, their concerns were noted by the Chair.










Work Plan/Communication Strategy


Everyone has copies of these in their induction packs and they will be updated and referred to as and when required. The committee were advised that TIS would refer to these documents later in the day at the training session too.




Treasurers Report


Due to Geoff being unable to attend today’s meeting there was no report from the treasurer, this will be updated at the next meeting. Committee members were reminded that they could claim their expenses in any way that suits them, including cash at meetings, cheques or payment straight in to bank accounts if Geoff has been supplied with bank details.






Working Group Updates


HRA – HMcC is working with Michael Boal from Scottish Government on a new questionnaire to be sent out to all RTO’s to gather information on whether groups have the opportunity to get involved in discussions surrounding the HRA spend. Many LA’s have set up HRA groups to have these discussions, but there still seems to be some who are not involving tenants in the discussions. HMcC hopes to have a return on the questionnaire and a paper written for Mr Stewart with the outcome around June/July 2019. JD advised the NLC have set up a group led by an independent adviser to look at the HRA budget with the tenants, JA advised that Clacks are still in the process of setting up their group but have made progress due to the help and advice given to them by the RN members in the group.


JHPDG – GMcG advised that there has been no meeting since November 2018 and the next meeting is taking place on 20th February, he will feed back on the outcome of that meeting at the next RN meeting.


SHR Liaison Group – next meeting with SHR is on 12th March, the pre meeting will be taking place on 26th February and all 4 representatives from the committee will attend this meeting, they will then decide which two will attend the meeting with the SHR on 12th March. The last meeting minutes were read through by SG who advised that a lot was covered including the Memorandum of Understanding MOU, which agrees the terms of the Liaison Group and the SHR, they also agreed which regions would lead on which subjects and all this information is available within the minute, which hasn’t yet been approved but will be available after the meeting with the SHR in March.


Fire and Building Safety Panel – no meetings recently and no date yet for the next meeting. A consultation “Fire Safety in High Rise Buildings” will be launched on 22nd April this will be brought to the committee to consider completing.






Chairs and Secretaries meeting 22 January 2019


HMcC reported back on all items discussed, the minutes will be circulated when they are available. A presentation was carried out by Emma McCallum on the “Household Survey” copies were handed out to the committee of the booklets provided by Emma, and the committee were advised how interesting this presentation was. Kenny Warren from the Scottish Government Defence Policy Unit also delivered a presentation on the “UK Government Strategy for our Veterans”, this presentation was also well received and Kenny asked for some volunteers to attend a short term working group, which GMcG attended along with GM on Wednesday 13th February, they helped draft a response to the consultation on behalf of the RN’s.








Ministerial Meeting Tuesday 19th March


The Chairs and one member of each committee will be meeting the Minister on Tuesday 19th March, HMcC asked for questions to be forwarded to him for the pre meeting on 5th March, were the attendees will agree the questions they wish to ask the Minister. GMcG suggested a question on Infrastructure which he will send to HMcC to include for the pre meeting, any others wishing to send in a question should do so by Friday 1st March.








There are currently two consultations out that are of interest to the committee, Domestic Abuse Consultation and Homelessness – Local Connection and Intentionality Provisions Consultation. The committee discussed and agreed that they would like to submit a response to both consultations, a date was put in the diary, 14th March in Glasgow, to complete them.


The AGM was discussed and it was agreed to hold it on 18th May in Glasgow, GMcG will ask Wheatley to host and will confirm this in due course. The committee invited Cat to attend and deliver a talk on her area of responsibility and Emma McCallum will be invited to attend to tell the attendees all about the Household Survey.


HMcC thanked Cat, Michael and Anne for attending.






Forward Meeting Planner


18 April 2019 in Falkirk


18th May 2019 AGM in Glasgow





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