Central Scotland Regional Network 4 - Minutes – 20 June 2019

Minutes for Central Scotland Regional Network

Held on Thursday 20 June 2019

In Optima Building, Glasgow

At 11am




Hugh McClung, MBE


Stirling Tenants Assembly

Philomena McClung


Stirling Tenants Assembly

Lindsay Anderson


Link Housing Association

Mary Niven


Trust Customer Panel

Jeanette Arneil


Clydesdale Housing Association

Shona Gorman


Link Housing Association

Peter Winnie


Coatbridge Federation of Tenants & Residents














In Attendance:


Michael Boal


Scottish Government










George McGuinness, MBE

Baillieston Tenants & Residents

June Anderson

Clackmannanshire Tenants & Residents Fed

Susan Robertson

Clackmannanshire Tenants & Residents Fed

John Duffy

Coatbridge Federation of Tenants & Residents












Welcome and Introductions


Hugh welcomed everyone and gave apologies then handed over to Michael Boal to chair the election of Office Bearers


Election of Office Bearers


Chair - Hugh - proposed by Peter, seconded by Jeanette


Vice Chair - Lindsay - proposed by Shona, seconded by Mary


Secretary - Shona - proposed by Hugh, seconded by Philomena


Treasurer - Mary - proposed by Peter, seconded by Lindsay


It was noted that Training is available, contact to be made to Susan McLellan.

Peter gave vote of thanks for the smooth election process.

Hugh then returned to chair the remainder of the meeting.














Previous Minutes of 18 April 2019 and matters arising:


Minutes were approved, moved by Philomena, seconded by Jeanette


Lindsay asked if homelessness consultation had been submitted as the committee had not seen the response. Hugh advised Sharon from TIS submitted it, and he will email her for a copy and will distribute this to the committee.















Work Plan


Hugh reiterated that there was a responsibility on all committee members to feedback locally on the Network. It was agreed that the Networks need to be advertised and promoted, and face to face contact is still important, this may require financial input from the SG.


Members were also keen to keep contact with areas where Network representation is poor on non-existent. It was felt that it might be better for Network members to attend already existing events in these areas, rather than invite these areas to our meetings.

Contact to be made to East and West Dunbartonshire to try and arrange visits.

It was agreed that the work plan was appropriate and would be regularly reviewed





Communications Strategy


There was wide ranging discussion on what the committee could do to engage more with RTO’s

It was agreed that there was a requirement for a specific meeting to discuss this fully and decide on a future strategy.

Lindsay happy to be website administrator, following training and she will then train Mary as back-up.

A meeting date of 25th July was agreed, venue and time to be advised later.






. Treasurer’s Report


Since Geoff is unwell, and unable to attend the meeting, there is no Treasurer’s report.

Hugh will contact Geoff to advise him of Mary’s appointment.






AGM Report


It was agreed that the AGM had gone well, and that the Speaker was very good.

However the poor attendance was unfortunate. The committee hope that the work they will do on Communication may result in a better response next year.






Fire Safety Consultation


The response to this Consultation is due by 17/7/19.

It was agreed that Peter would complete this Consultation on behalf of the Committee, since he has particular experience in this field. He will report back to next meeting.








Hugh gave overview of JHPDG, explaining that George was unable to attend. The main focus was on homelessness and the 50,000 new home target. He also explained about rapid rehousing plans, and the proposal to introduce a Mary Barbour bill to cap PRS rents. The committee were in favour of this.

Hugh agreed on behalf of the Committee to consider the Consultation on short term lets, and will update the committee on this at the next meeting. Temporary homeless accommodation to be considered at the meeting on the 25th July, if time permits after considering Communication Strategy.






SHR Report


Shona gave an overview of the last SHR meeting, including an update on new board members, what the SHR will do 2019/20, risk assessment, summary outcomes, self assurance toolkit, conformed meeting with Audit Scotland. TP to be an agenda item at next meeting.

It is confirmed that Liaison group members need to attend the planning meeting if they are to attend the SHR meeting.

Shona to contact other Central region reps to confirm if they still wish to be on this group.

Mary confirmed her interest in attending if others no longer want to.

Hugh will inform the whole committee by email of the changes to office bearers.










The committee passed on their congratulations to Anne Cook, OBE. Shona to send an email to Anne on behalf of the committee. Philomena to make a card and send to Anne.


Forward Meeting Planner


25th July to consider Communication strategy and homelessness consultation.


22nd August 2019


17th October 2019


12th December 2019


6th February 2020


2nd April 2020










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