Central Scotland Regional Network 4 - Minutes - 22 August 2019

Minutes for Central Regional Network

Held on 22nd August 2019

In Atlantic Quay Building, Glasgow

At 11 am






Hugh McClung, MBE HMcC Stirling Tenants Assembly

Philomena McClung PMcC Stirling Tenants Assembly

John Duffy JD Coatbridge Federation of

Tenants & Residents

Jeanette Arneil JAr Clydesdale HA Tenants & Residents

Mary Niven MN Trust Customer Panel

Geoff Morgan GM Breton & Corentin RA

Peter Winnie PW Coatbridge Federation of

Tenants & Residents

Shona Gorman SG Link Housing Association

Allan Todd AT


In Attendance


Susan McLellan SMcL Scottish Government

Georgia McCambley West Dunbartonshire

Frances McGonagle West Dunbartonshire




Lindsay Anderson LA Link Housing Association

George McGuinnes, MBE GMcG Baillieston Tenants & Residents

June Anderson JAn Clackmannanshire Tenant & Resident


Susan Robertson SR Clackmannanshire Tenant & Resident







Item 1 Hugh opened the Meeting with a welcome to all and in particular to the two West

Dunbartonshire Representatives who were attending the Network Meeting, for

The first time.

Item 2 Round Table Introductions

After Hugh’s welcome, all members introduced themselves to the visiting

Delegates from West Dunbartonshire, Georgia and Frances.

Item 3 Minutes and Matters Arising.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved, PMcC , and seconded PW.

Matters Arising : PW confirmed that as requested at the previous meeting he

Had completed the Consultation on Fire Safety on behalf of the Network

Geoff expressed concern about the height limit that can be reached by an

External ladder, what about residents living above this limit?

It was agreed that it would be best to await the results of the Consultation

JD to view new North Lanarkshire building, he will report to next meeting.

Item 4 Correspondence.

Both GM and JD had been contacted about their membership of the

SHR Liaison Group. Both expressed the wish to remain on the Group.

Audit Scotland Meeting.

Following on from the Meeting of Chairs and Audit Scotland, a further

Meeting has been arranged with Regional Reps. on 2nd September.

LA, GMcG, MN will represent this Network.

Members are required for a Committee to help organise the National

Event to be held on 21st November in Edinburgh.

PMcC to represent this Network on this Committee.

On 18th September, National Housing Day, a meeting will take place in

The Wheatley Academy in Glasgow, to which all members are welcome.

The topic will be “ Housing as a Human Right”

Item 5 Workplan and Communication.

It was agreed to upgrade the heading to 2019/2020 and send out

Copies to all members.

Item 6 Treasurer’s Report.

The balance as at 31/7/19 £735.31

Cheque paid in Cash in hand + 500.00

Total £1210.31


It was agreed that there would be 4 signatories for the account any 2

Being required for each cheque.

The 2 existing signatories, HMcC and JAn would be joined by

MN and SG. Paperwork required for this to be organised by MN

Item 7 Feedback from Working Groups.


Age, Home & Community Advisory Group

Information on this group to be distributed at a later date



Chairs & Secretaries Meeting will be reported to next meeting after minutes

Have been received



Hugh gave a summary of the meeting of this group, which is the last one he will


There was a SG speaker, Marion Gibbs, and the topics discussed included

Homelessness, Updating the profile, new implementation strategy, shifts in policy

With a person centred approach, Security and Tenancy attainment.

The RRTP, the Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan was also discussed, and the fact

That Local Authorities are not legally obliged to participate.

There was an SG update, and discussion on Single First Time Buyers, Alignment

Of Fuel/Income poverty bills, the new Planning Bill which is reaching final

Discussion prior to Royal Assent and a Proposal for a Mary Barbour Bill to limit

Private sector rents to 1% pa. Affordability report soon, National Investment Bank

Is now approved. Future discussion, Housing 2020-2040, new Fire Safety

Regulatory Framework and Board. 50k homes progress to date is 33.5%

Committed 11,130 homes completed as of March 2019.


Following Hugh’s report, there was discussion on the level of private renting

Also deposit required for 1st time buyers, land banking and the high land cost

Being passed onto buyers.




Item 8 HRA Report

So far there have been 7 responses out of the 60 sent out.

Positive report from Dundee, but problems in Perth, Stirling, Aberdeenshire,

Not complying with guidance.

Hugh has met with Michael Boal and discussed the whole strategy, what is good

Practice with Landlords and RTO’s, some are working well, others are less

Compliant. They hope to have a Report out to the National Event in November.

TP is under threat, consultation is not happening as it should, and indeed is

Stated in SHR Policy, and there are concerns which were mentioned in

The meeting with Audit Scotland.

Should a monitoring group be set up?

Further discussion around TP followed.


Item 9 Network Annual Event


It is hoped that there will be as full attendance as is possible for this event

Which will be held in Edinburgh on 21st November



Item 10 AOCB

A Sub Group is to be set up to review Communications, the web site etc.

This group will consist of Lindsay Anderson, Mary Niven and Shona Gorman


The two Representatives from West Dunbartonshire expressed their wish

To join the Network, and Philomena moved that they be co-opted on, and

This was seconded by John Duffy.


The Meeting was closed.


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