North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 14 June 2019

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held in AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen

on Friday, 14th June 2019 at 11.00 a.m.



Bill Chapman



Cameron Grant

Vice Chair


Leonora Montgomery



Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Alasdair Mackenzie

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member







Derek Wilkie

Committee Member


Ruth Fraser

Committee Member


Colin Stewart

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member


Patricia Millar

Committee Member


Alice Bovill

Committee Member


Susan McLellan

Scottish Government












Welcome and Apologies

BC welcomed all to our first Meeting and Apologies were then given as stated.

BC also advised that Anne Cook had received an O.B.E. so congratulations from Region 1 will be sent to her.















Minute of Meeting held on 15th March 2019 and Matters Arising

This was proposed by AM and seconded by CG as an accurate record

of the Meeting. 

Matters Arising

Item 6 – Scottish Government’s ‘Next Steps’ Pilot – CG advised

that they were waiting to hear when the next Meeting would take
























Treasurer’s Report

LHM advised the following -                                               £

March 2019 - Bank Account Opening Balance              369.09 Cr

                       Deposits for the Month                         1,500.13

                       Less Expenditure for the Month           1,262.05

                       Leaving a Balance of                              607.17 Cr

                       Petty Cash Opening Balance                   12.81 Cr

                       Deposits for the Month                             50.00

                       Less Expenditure for the Month               48.00

                       Leaving a Balance of                               14.81 Cr

April 2019   -  Bank Account Opening Balance            607.17 Cr

                       Deposits for the Month                              0.03  

                       Less Expenditure for the Month            587.78

                       Leaving a Balance of                              19.42 Cr

                       Petty Cash Opening Balance                 14.81 Cr

                       Deposits for the Month                           57.20

                       Less Expenditure for the Month             36.50

                       Leaving a Balance of                             35.51 Cr

May 2019     - Bank Account Opening Balance            19.42 Cr         

                       Deposits for the Month                      3,400.00

                       Less Expenditure for the Month        3,406.85

                       Leaving a Balance of                             12.57 Cr

                       Petty Cash Opening Balance                 35.51 Cr

                       Deposits for the Month                         100.00

                       Less Expenditure for the Month             49.30

                       Leaving a Balance of                              86.21 Cr












































































Business Matters

• AGM Feedback and Comments – BC mentioned the rule regarding

  a third of the existing Members standing down and how we decide

  this.  Alphabetical was suggested but this will have to be deferred

  until our next Meeting.  

  Members felt that this went well and the Minister was on form as

  always and it was also good to have the Fire Safety presentation.


  BC then raised the issue of Rita Smart (a former member of this

  Committee and Tenant of Dundee City Council) complaining at the 

  AGM about personally not receiving Minutes, and advised that she

  had followed this up with a written a Letter of Complaint to the Scottish

  Government.  This did not go down at all well with the Committee who

  stated that anything involving Region 1 matters should be forwarded to

  the Secretary for discussion at the first Meeting thereafter and the

  decision should be the Committee’s not the Scottish Governments. 

  LHM advised that contained within Rita Smart’s letter of complaint was

an Officer’s name and contact details.  Given this, the Committee were

in total agreement that as per our Strategy, the Minutes, etc. should be

forwarded to the Officer for them to cascade to their Groups.

• Training Day Feedback and Comments – Majority of Members

  were disappointed with the content as it was not as advertised.  They

  felt it would have been better carried out by ourselves locally.

• Appraisal Forms – These were handed out for completion and LHM

  will forward to the other Committee Members.  

• Newsletter – BC and LHM had a Meeting with SB and AM (also CG)

  last night to progress this and some suggestions were given.  SB and

  AM to liaise to produce a Draft Copy before/at our next Meeting.

• Chairs Meeting with Audit Scotland re HRA – BC advised that at

  long last, after the Minister’s intervention, Audit Scotland have invited

  all the Regions Chairs to a Meeting in early July.  Several issues have

  been raised and it is hoped that this will be the first of many regular

  Meetings with the possibility of combining with the SHR Liaison Group   

  Members to attend these for continuity. 

• Chair’s Meeting with Orkney Council and Orkney HA – BC

  advised that he had received a request to visit and was working on


• Fire Safety Consultation Response due by 17th July 2019 – BC

  proposed that as LHM was a Member of the National Fire Safety

  Panel and our only Multi Storey dweller, that she should compile and

  submit a response on behalf of Region 1.  All agreed.

• Short Term Lets Consultation Response due by 19th July 2019 &

• Improving Temporary Accommodation Consultation Response

  due by 14th August 2019 – After much discussion and LHM checking

  the availability of the room, Friday, 12th July 2019 at 10.30 a.m. was

  agreed for the sole purpose of completing these two Consultation


• HRA – GL gave an update on this in that as only 7 responses had

  been received to the last Questionnaire sent out, it has been decided

  to raise this at the Chairs and Secretaries Meeting in August in the

  hope that the Regions can obtain more responses to enable Hugh

  McClung to submit a Report to the Minister, as requested.

• Age, Home and Community Group – Meeting is next Thursday

  (20th) and papers will be sent to all.

• SHR Liaison Group – Meeting is next Tuesday (18th) at which CG

  has been tasked with giving all the Group’s views on the new Beta

  Website which were very mixed.

• Joint Housing Policy Delivery Group – BC advised that as both

  Hugh McClung and George McGuinness are stepping down from this,

  2 replacements had been appointed and now they are looking for 2

  deputies from the Regions.  Those interested will have to submit a

  written application showing that they understand what the Group does

  and also how they will contribute to this.

• Annual Assurance Statements – BC stated that the SHR were keen

  to hear Tenants and Residents understanding of this and whether they

  are being involved by their Landlord.  Consensus was that RSL’s are

  involving their Tenants and Residents in this but Local Authorities are



















































































BC advised that LHM had received a request from John Duncan, a

  Resident of Aberdeen City Council who raised questions re our

  Constitution at our AGM, to attend one of our Meetings as an

  Observer.  After discussion, it was agreed and LHM will contact him to

  advise of the decision and provide the first available Meeting date of

  26th July and request his confirmation of attendance at this Meeting.














Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting -

• Friday, 12th July 2019 at 10.30 a.m. in the Scottish Government

  Offices at AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen – For

  Consultation Responses Only.


• Friday, 26th July 2019 at 11.00 a.m. in the Scottish Government

  Offices at AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen.











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