North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 30 April 2021

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held on Friday, 30th April 2021 at 10.00 a.m.

via Zoom


Leonora Montgomery

Secretary Treasurer



(Chaired Meeting)


Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Colin Stewart

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member (From 10.26)





In attendance:


Susan McLellan

Scottish Government











Cameron Grant

Vice Chair


Alasdair Mackenzie

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member













Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

LHM welcomed all to the Meeting and Apologies were given as stated.

Declarations of Interest – CS gave his for being on the SHR Board.

















Minute of Meeting held on 5th March 2021 and Matters Arising

This was proposed by GL and seconded by CS as an accurate record of the Meeting.

Matters Arising

CS advised that he had received a complaint from a Resident of

Aberdeen City Council for the Minutes not being up to date on the

Website and that the initials of PM were quoted in Matters Arising and

not her full name, i.e. Patricia Millar, as she was not recorded under

Attendees or Apologies.
















Treasurer’s Report

LHM advised that as there had been no expenditure during March or

April 2021 the Bank Account Balance remains at £1,651.40 Cr and

Petty Cash Balance at £24.25 Cr.

LHM also advised that the Year End Accounts had been finalised.








Business Matters

• Age, Home and Community Group Report – SB advised that there

  still had been no Meeting.  SM to contact the Chair of the Group to see

  what is happening.

• Website Update – CS advised that he had a Meeting 3 weeks ago re

  the subscription service and gallery and thought it was working until he

  tried it to find that it is not working correctly.  LHM stated that she

  would highlight the Website to TPO’s when she sends out the

  approved Minute of this Meeting.

• Chairs and Secretaries Group Update – LHM advised that the

  Meeting was on the 4th May 2021 and the Observers this time would be CS and DW.

• SHR Liaison Group Update – LHM advised that the Meeting with the

  SHR was on the 11th May 2021 but the Pre-Meeting had taken place

  on the 27th April 2021 and she had requested all for their Landlord/

  Area updates by the 3rd May 2021 to enable her to forward

  them to Kelda prior to the Meeting.  We were advised that two new

  Board Members were being sought by the SHR to replace Anne Jarvie

  and Mike Dailly as their term of office had ended.  We also learned that

  the second review of the Charter would begin in June/July 2021.

• Communications Group Report – SB advised that the Newsletter

  would not be produced until after all the AGM’s had taken place and

  that LHM would be writing the article on the SHR Liaison Group

  instead of CG.

• Rent Focus Group Report – CS advised that the next Meeting was

  on 7th May 2021 when the SFHA’s documents on rents will be available

  and the remit of the Group will be set up then.  GL stated that he was

  unaware of this Group as he had not been notified and would liked to

  have been on it.  SM apologised for this oversight and stated that she

  will speak to Lesley Baird to see if GL can be added.

• HRA Group Report – GL reported that the Group have had  two

  Meetings so far, one for assessment of the areas and the second for

  questions for the Meeting with Audit Scotland.  Lots of good points

  raised in these.  All had agreed that there was a problem with the

  terminology contained in the Guidance which the Group will look at and

  at the next Meeting they will also look at the way forward.

• Draft Heating in Buildings Strategy Consultation Report – LHM

  advised that she had attended the first Meeting of this but had to leave

  after 2 hours for another Meeting and they had only reached number

  33 of the 70 Questions.  Another Meeting was arranged which LHM

  was unable to attend but a response on behalf of the Networks was

  given by Graeme from TPAS.  The consensus of opinion was that it

  was far too long and many of the questions were very technical.























































• AGM – All had received invites and were asked to return their Booking

  Forms.  LHM will be Chairing this and will liaise with SM and TPAS on

  the Agenda.

• Proposed Constitution Changes – Lengthy discussion followed on

  this, at the end of which it was agreed that only one suggestion would

  be taken forward – the one regarding the insertion of the 3 year term

  for Committee Members.

• Social Security Group – CS asked if this would be started up again.

  SM advised that this was the case and an email will be sent to all

  Regions asking for volunteers to be on this.  CS and GL requested to

  be the Representatives for Region 1. 
























Date and Time of Next Meeting –

AGM – Saturday, 15th May 2021 at 11.00 a.m. via Zoom.

Committee Meeting – Friday 9th July 2021 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom.

LHM asked if there should be another Meeting before the 9th July 2021

and after discussion, all agreed that one to Elect Office Bearers and to

give AGM feedback should be added and this is therefore –

Friday, 21st May 2021 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom









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