South West Scotland Regional Network 3 - Code of Conduct

Committee Code of Conduct


The aim of the following Code of Conduct is to promote the standard of conduct required, of Committee members of the South West of Scotland Regional Network (Region 3). It will ensure:


  1. That all members conduct themselves in a professional manner.

  2. That one member does not gain an unfair advantage over another.

  3. That members do not misrepresent themselves.


Committee Code of Conduct


  1. Committee members shall at all times treat other members and visitors with respect.


  1. No Committee member shall use foul or offensive language towards anyone else.


  1. No Committee member shall attend or hold meetings, in the name of the committee, without Committee approval.


  1. No Committee member shall issue correspondence, in the name of the Committee, without committee approval.


  1. No Committee member shall act in the name of the Committee without their prior approval.


  1. All letters or correspondence etc must be tabled and discussed by the committee.


  1. Committee members must respect and uphold the confidentiality of others at all times.


  1. No Committee member will tape, video or electronically record meetings without the prior consent of all Committee members present.


  1. Committee members attending meetings or conferences on behalf of the Committee and its members must represent the interests of the Network and report back findings in writing.


  1. Any member breaching the Code of Conduct may be asked to resign, or be removed by a Committee decision.


  1. I, the undersigned, agree to be bound by the terms of the above Code of Conduct and understand that a breach of the terms and conditions may require my resignation from the Committee if requested or by removal by a Committee decision.

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