Joint Meetings

Various meetings are held between different regions across the network. For minutes of meetings held by individual Regions, select a Regional Network. View details of partner meeting by selecting from the list below:

Date Location Meeting type Document
01/04/2015 Regional Meeting PDF icon Minute 50
28/03/2015 Glynhill Hotel Regional Meeting File Region 7 - AGM 2015 - Minutes 28 March 2015.docx
27/03/2015 Regional Meeting Microsoft Office document icon Minute 53
12/03/2015 Regional Meeting File Minutes
10/03/2015 Highlander House Regional Meeting File CRN - Minutes - 10 March 2015.docx
12/02/2015 Regional Meeting File Minutes
09/02/2015 Regional Meeting Microsoft Office document icon Minutes
06/02/2015 Regional Meeting File minute 52
04/02/2015 Regional Meeting File Minute - joint meeting R8 + R9
02/02/2015 Regional Meeting File Joint minute of meeting with 8 + 9 (Minute 49)