Central Scotland Regional Network 4 - Minutes – 12 December 2019

Minutes for Central Scotland Regional Network 4

Held on 12/12/2019

InAtlantic Quay, 150, Broomielaw, Glasgow

at 10.30 am




Hugh McClung MBE


Stirling Tenants Assembly


Philomena McClung


Stirling Tenants Assembly


Peter Winnie


Coatbridge Federation of T&R


John Duffy


Shotts TARA


Geoff Morgan




Georgia McCambley


West Dunbartonshire


Frances McGonagle


West Dunbartonshire


Allan Todd


East Dunbartonshire TSG


Shona Gorman


Link TSP


Mary Niven


Trust Customer Panel







In Attendance:


Susan McLellan


Scottish Government


Islay McLauchlan


Scottish Government









Lindsay Anderson

Link Housing Association


June Anderson

Clackmannanshire T&R Fed.


Susan Robertson

Clackmannanshire T&R Fed


Jeanette Arneil

Clydsdale HA Tenants & Residents


George McGuinness MBE

Baillieston Tenants & Residents









Hugh welcomed everyone and introduced Islay McLauchlan the new Government TP member of staff. Network members then introduced themselves to Islay.


Apologies were then recorded for Lindsay, June, Susan, Jeanette and George.


An updated members contact list was provided by SMc.

















The Minutes of the last Meeting Held on 17th October


The Minutes were approved, proposed by PMc and seconded by MN










Susan advised members had been invited to participate in consultation on Housing to 2040. Members can make individual representation, but as a Network we can also participate, HMc was keen we do this and members agreed. With help from TIS/TPAS this will be completed at the Meeting of 6th February 2020. There are also events being held in February which members are welcome to attend.


There is also an online survey being undertaken by Age Scotland around housing 2020-40, to which members are invited to complete.


The SHR has produced a “How we regulate” guide for tenants and service users. Videos are also available.





Work Plan/Communication Strategy


HMc asked that looking at Housing 2020-2040 be added.






Treasurer’s Report


There are still problems with the Bank account. Transfer of signatories remains uncompleted. HMc proposed intervention by Govt. staff, but since GM is still in talks with Bank staff it was agreed to wait 7 days and see what the position was then. If no solution by then contact was to be made with Govt. TP staff.


The balance was recorded at £2103.75 + £70 Petty Cash.

It was agreed to arrange a Cheque for Cash to be made out to Treasurer to facilitate expense claims.












Working Groups Updates


The HRA report.


This report is now with the Minister, and he’s writing to officials of COSLA to ask them to remind LA/s of their obligations. JD reported on Shotts survey of their landlords HRA, that positive help and co-operation was being provided.

West Dunbartonshire came runner-up in TPAS scrutiny award for their work in the area of HRA. It was reported that Falkirk has a different method of working, but is it working?


Some authorities are not fulfilling their obligations in this regard, and sometimes staff changes to not help, much more work needs to be done by some LA/s. The question of surplus was mentioned, how much should be sitting, while Rents continue to rise?


Chair has asked that LA tenants watch developments, or lack of, in this area.




A meeting had been arranged for 4th December but since this clashed with the TPAS conference no network members were able to attend.

Terry Kirby has resigned, also Ian Robertson, so places are available

Lindsay Anderson has already expressed interest. An outline of the Group’s purpose has been given to members. Allan Todd expressed his interest.




Attendees will provide an written update for February Meeting.


Fire and Safety


There has been a launch of a leaflet on new safety processes for high rise buildings following the consultation, but PW did not receive an invitation to this event. Govt TP will look into this.


Chairs and Secretaries Meeting


Matters discussed at the last Meeting included:

Audit Scotland Meetings

Rent Accountability - Housing affordability

Housing and Social Security

The Housing and Social Services Group are looking for membership,

John Duffy expressed interest.












The Annual Network Event


The event took place in November and sadly members felt that they were badly let down by the Venue and the Catering fell far short of the standard expected. However the content of the day went down well and everyone thought it was a success.


Some topics touched on included:

Rent affordability

Landlord performance/governance

Housing 2020-40, what does it look like, what should it look like

infrastructure provision around new housing developments

Rapid re-housing ? a plaster to cover a long term problem? and is the budget enough?









A date was set for the AGM, it will be held on 23rd May 2020, in the Wheatley Academy, Glasgow. Registration will be at 10.30am, SMc will ask GMcG to contact Wheatley to book.


The Meeting was closed









Forward Meeting Planner

6th February 2020


2nd April 2020

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