North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 10 January 2020

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held in AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen

on Friday, 10th January 2020 at 11.00 a.m.




Cameron Grant

Vice Chair (Chaired Meeting)


Leonora Montgomery



Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Colin Stewart

Committee Member


Alasdair Mackenzie

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member


Patricia Millar

Committee Member


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member

















In attendance:


Susan McLellan

Scottish Government











Bill Chapman



Tom O’Brien

Committee Member


Ruth Fraser

Committee Member
























Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest


CG welcomed all to the first Meeting of 2020 and wished all a Happy New Year.  Apologies were then given as stated.


Declarations of Interest – CS gave his for being on the SHR Board and

both AM and GL gave theirs for Item 5 on the Agenda – Co-optee Applications.






















Minute of Meeting held on 18th October 2019 and

Matters Arising


This was proposed by AM and seconded by GL as an accurate record

of the Meeting subject to a slight rewording to the last bullet point in

Item 8 – A.O.C.B.


Matters Arising

























Treasurer’s Report


LHM advised the following -                                                £

October 2019    -   Bank Account Opening Balance       1,816.07 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                     1,500.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month       1,866.57

                              Leaving a Balance of                       1,449.50 Cr

                              Petty Cash Opening Balance                 9.70 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                         50.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month           43.90

                              Leaving a Balance of                           15.80 Cr

November 2019 -  Bank Account Opening Balance     1,449.50 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                          0.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month      1,448.62

                              Leaving a Balance of                             0.88 Cr

                              Petty Cash Opening Balance              15.80 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                          0.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month          11.80

                              Leaving a Balance of                            4.00 Cr

December 2019 – Bank Account Opening Balance           0.88 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                  1,500.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month       166.20

                              Leaving a Balance of                    1,334.68 Cr

                              Petty Cash Opening Balance              4.00 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                        0.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month          0.00

                              Leaving a Balance of                          4.00 Cr                        



































































































Business Matters

• Constitution Amendments – CS spoke to his proposed Amendments 

  and after lengthy discussion it was agreed that this was specific to one

  area of our Region and not over all Networks.  CS therefore agreed to

  draft his proposals and forward them to the Scottish Government for

  possible adoption at our AGM.

• Age, Home and Community Update – SB and CS both attended this

  and SB is to forward all the relevant papers to the Group for


• Website Training Update – SM advised CS that he should be

  contacted within the next couple of weeks to arrange for him to attend


• Co-optee Applications – LHM had received two of these, one from

  Dundee and one from the Western Isles.  After full discussion on these,

  it was proposed, and agreed by all, that as we had only two Committee

  Meetings remaining before our AGM, both Applicants should be invited

  to attend as ‘Observers’ with a view to them applying to be full

  members at our AGM.  LHM is therefore to write to both with this

  decision.  SM advised that she had other people interested in joining      

  the Network and all agreed that she should write to all the RTO’s in the

  areas where places are available to try and get interest before the


• HRA/Fire Safety /Shelter’s Homelessness Report – GL wanted to

  flag these publications up however, all had received a copy of the HRA

  Report when it was produced and SM advised that Kevin Stewart had

  submitted this Report to COSLA when he met with them. 

  Fire Safety and Shelter’s Homelessness Reports can be found on their


• Housing 2040 Consultation Response Due by 28/2/20  - SM advised 

  that she was trying to arrange for TPAS to speak to us about this

  which will be in Dundee with Region 2.  Details to follow as soon as this

  has been organised.

• SHR Liaison Group – CG advised that the pre-Meeting was next week

  (14th) and it would be himself and LHM who will be attending as RF had

  given her apologies.  DW stated that he wished to stand down from this

  Group and AM declared an interest in replacing him but to be fair to all,

  SM is to contact TO as he also declared his interest some months ago.

• Chairs and Secretaries Meeting – LHM advised that this was on the

  25th February 2020 and the next two on the list to attend as ‘Obervers’

  are GL/AM.  Details to follow nearer the time.

• Training Needs – SM advised that the Government was trying to

  organise various Training i.e. Website/Secretarial/Publisher and would

  let all know when this is arranged.



• Regional Networks National Event Feedback – All felt it had been a

  good event let down by the Venue.  SM advised that there were a lot

  of problems and the Scottish Government would not be using that

  Venue again.

• AGM – Confirmation of Date  - LHM advised that she had visited

  Woodhill House and provisionally booked Saturday, 16th May 2020 for

  this.  Lots of discussion followed on who the Speakers should be at this

  with Kevin Stewart, George Walker and perhaps someone from the

  Housing 2040 Team being suggested.  All felt it should be like the

  National Event –  the ‘Panel’ getting 5 minutes to speak and a Question

  and Answer Session to follow.  LHM requested SM to let her know the

  Invoice details and provisional number to enable her let Woodhill

  House know.

• Welfare Rights  - CG raised this as it had been a great success in his

  area.  As CS is on the Social Security Group, he is to check his emails

  to see if he has an update/information on this.

• Meeting Dates after the AGM – SM wanted to agree  these to the end

  of the year in order to  book the room so the following Fridays were

  agreed –

  26th June 2020

  21st August 2020

   2nd October 2020

  20th November 2020.
















































































Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting –


Friday, 21st February 2020 at 11.00 a.m. in the Scottish Government

Offices, AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen.















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