North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 11 February 2022

Approved Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held on Friday, 11th February 2022 at 10.00 a.m.

via Zoom


Colin Stewart



Alasdair Mackenzie

Vice Chair


Leonora Montgomery



Gerald Low

Committee Member


Liz Richardson

Committee Member


Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Sue Mcaleaney

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member



In attendance:

Susan McLellan

Scottish Government




Derek Wilkie

Committee Member


Cameron Grant

Committee Member







Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

CS welcomed all to the Meeting.  No Apologies had been received.

Declarations of Interest – CS gave his for being on the SHR Board.












Minute of Meeting held on 29th October 2021

This was proposed by SB and seconded by GL as an accurate record

of the Meeting.


Matters Arising












Treasurer’s Report

LHM advised that as there had been no expenditure during November,

December and January the Balances remain at -

Bank Account – £1,651.40 Cr and Petty Cash - £16.33 Cr.








Business Matters

• Website Update – CS advised that this was still working well although

  there was still one small detail to be added i.e. the Unsubscribe Link for

  the Subscription Service.  CS is hopeful that this will be completed in

  the next couple of weeks.

• Chairs and Secretaries Group Report – LHM advised that the

  majority of the items discussed were on our Agenda with the only

  additional item being Future Meetings with Shona Robison MSP,

  Cabinet Secretary and Patrick Harvie MSP.  SMcL is going to take this

  forward and once a date is agreed, she will let all the Regions know.

• SHR Liaison Group Update – LHM stated that the first half of the

  Meeting was the Question and Answer Session with George Walker

  and Michael Cameron and the Questions were – ‘How they felt they

  and the Sector had coped with the challenges during the last two

  years/Affordability/Fuel Poverty/Zero Emissions/their Dashboard

  Reports/Charter Responses/New Deal for Tenants Consultation’.  As

  ever they answered these in full and were pleased to hear that we

  had formed our Rent Focus Group, the results from which they

  look forward to hearing about.  Kelda and Stephen then gave the

  updates on their Quarterly Returns/Tenant Advisors Campaign/Board

  News/Statutory Actions and Engagement Plans/Recent Publications

  and Events/and that they will be moving premises in 2023 to 177

  Bothwell Street in Glasgow.  We gave them our sub Groups and area

  updates, such as they were, and also asked if the Liaison Group/

  Regional Networks could help to work or support the Tenant Advisors

  in any way which they hadn’t considered so will take this forward.

• Communications Group Report and Strategy – CS advised that he  

  had raised the Strategy at the Chairs and Secretaries and received no

  suggestions with the only comments being that it was good.  CS stated

  that he had met with LHM and changed the Appendices to a Spread

  Sheet for each Region with the confidential information only accessible

  to Members.  SMcL advised that she had been contacted by Sharon

  Donohoe from TIS who had a few suggestions so she is going to

  forward these to CS/LHM.  She also suggested posting a condensed

  version on the Website so CS/LHM are going to attend to this with the

  hope that all will be finalised for the AGM’s.  The Newsletter is more or

  less complete with only photographs to be added. 

• Rent Focus Group Report – CS advised that they had postponed

  issuing the Questions for Tenants and Questions for Landlords until

  after the completion of the New Deal for Tenants Draft Strategy which

  will be discussed at their Meeting on 18th February 2022.

• HRA Group Update - Meeting has still not taken place.

• A New Deal for Tenants – Draft Strategy Consultation – Lots of

  views stated by Members which SMcL has noted for our discussions

  with TPAS who will contact us with suitable dates.  CS/LHM spoke

  about the statement on ‘Making the Regional Networks’ more diverse

  and asked how?  SMcL advised that she was working on this and early

  suggestions were to have a Panel of interested parties to complete

  consultations, etc. which we look forward to hearing more about.






































































AM mentioned the Cabinet Secretary’s statement that the cost of

  EESSH 2 would not impact on rents but no explanation was given

  expanding on this.  All agreed that this was perhaps a Question for the

  next Meeting with the Cabinet Secretary.

LR stated that she had a possible Tenant from Orkney interested in

  the Regional Network and was advised that they should be invited as

  an Observer at one of our Meetings.  LR also asked how to let other

  Groups, etc know about the Regional Network.  CS advised that

  together with LHM they were going to produce a short video to be

  permanently on  the Website for all to see.  LHM also stated that it was

  contained in our Communications Strategy that all Members visit local

  Groups and Events in their area to promote the Network as she and

  Bill Chapman (former Chair) had done before the Pandemic. 

  CS stated that he had been contacted by Lindsay Anderson from

  Region 4 as her daughter had just moved to Nairn and was interested

  in possibly joining the Network so CS to take this forward.

SB raised again the issue of Rural Broadband and the costs involved

  and was advised to speak to the Digital Inclusion Team who had sent

  out a Consultation on this very subject, which we were all encouraged

  to complete.  They also welcome telephone calls.

• AGM -  Both GL and TO raised the issue of no communication/

  involvement in their area with the Groups they are on so how were

  they supposed to re-apply.  SMcL will speak to them both outwith the

  Meeting and will also contact their respective Officers to see what is

  happening.  LHM advised that she had raised this issue with the SHR a

  couple of times so CS is to take this forward to his Board Meeting. 

  Much discussion then followed on who, if not all, should stand down

  from the Committee at the AGM so CS/LHM to discuss this to find a

  viable solution.

• SMcL stated that Stanley Green, former Chair of the Group, had

  decided not to rejoin but hoped to attend the AGM.

• LR asked if we had received the National Planning Framework

  Consultation and none had, including SMcL who is going to look into

  this to see if we should be responding.





































Date and Time of Next Meeting –

Friday, 8th April 2022 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom.




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