North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 18 October 2019

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held in AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen

on Friday, 18th October 2019 at 11.00 a.m.




Cameron Grant

Vice Chair (Chaired Meeting)


Leonora Montgomery



Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Ruth Fraser

Committee Member


Alasdair Mackenzie

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member


Patricia Millar

Committee Member


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member














In attendance:


Susan McLellan

Scottish Government











Bill Chapman



Colin Stewart

Committee Member



























Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest


CG welcomed all to the Meeting and Apologies were given as stated.

There were no Declarations of Interest.


LHM advised that she had forwarded a formal letter to AB, as requested at the last Meeting, and contained within Alice’s reply was her resignation from the Committee.  All present accepted this.






















Minute of Meeting held on 6th September 2019 and

Matters Arising


This was proposed by PM and seconded by GL as an accurate record

of the Meeting. 

Matters Arising

Item 6 – (From 26/7/19) TO advised that the ‘Next Steps’ Action Plan is

to be incorporated in their Strategy and they feel they should have seen

the Action Plan before it was put into the Strategy and will raise this

again at their next Meeting.  Lengthy discussion then followed on the

‘Next Steps’ programme which those involved agreed was very good

however, RF stated that her Landlord, Aberdeenshire Council, were

‘picking and choosing’ which parts to use.  SM requested those who had

been involved in this programme to stay after the close of this Meeting to

enable her note the good and bad outcomes.






























Treasurer’s Report


LHM advised the following -                                                £

September 2019 - Bank Account Opening Balance         214.02 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                    2,500.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month         897.95

                              Leaving a Balance of                      1,816.07 Cr

                              Petty Cash Opening Balance              60.87 Cr

                              Deposits for the Month                          0.00

                              Less Expenditure for the Month          51.17

                              Leaving a Balance of                             9.70 Cr






















































































Business Matters

• Constitution Amendments – CS had forwarded his list of proposals

  for this which caused some confusion so it was agreed to defer this

  until CS was in attendance to fully discuss.

• Committee and Sub Group Membership – CG wanted to highlight

  the requirement for all Members to confirm their attendance/give

  their Apologies for all of these Meetings as this has not been

  happening.  If LHM is not involved with a Group LHM should be

  copied into the replies so she is aware of who is attending which

  Group and when.  

• Newsletter Update – CG had not collated a proposal however, SM

  advised that Region 2 had produced their Newsletter so SB is to send a

  Draft to all Members for comment by next Friday (25/10/19) for

  producing thereafter.  CG will therefore raise his proposal at the next

  Chairs and Secretaries for consideration.

• SHR Liaison Group Meeting on 22/10/19 – CG and LHM will be

  attending this which will be a Question and Answer session with

  George Walker and Michael Cameron.  GL raised the issue of not

  receiving the Minutes for this and was advised by LHM that there had

  been amendments required for the last 2/3 Meetings with the amended

  version not forwarded to the SHR Liaison Group Members.  However,

  LHM advised that she will ensure that the approved Minutes are


  forwarded from now on.  LHM also asked both RF and DW if they

  wished to remain as members of this Group and both answered in the

  affirmative but stated that they were not sure of the make-up/remit of

  the Group.  SM is therefore to forward the details she has on the

  various Groups she holds for their information.

• Chairs and Secretaries Meeting – Change of Date/Venue – LHM

  advised that this had now been changed from the 5th November in

  Glasgow to the 6th November in Edinburgh at the Scottish Parliament

  building as the Meeting with the Minister is to take place in the

  afternoon.  LHM advised that SB and RF were next on the list as

  Observers at this and both confirmed that they would be attending.  

• Meeting with the Minister on 6/11/19 – CG and LHM will be attending

  this and are awaiting the list of Questions agreed at the pre-meeting.

• Website Training Update – SM advised that the Website was not up

  and running as yet as they were in the process of sorting a few

  ‘glitches’ but was hopeful that it would be signed off in the next couple

  of weeks.

• Landlords Reports Due – All had now seen these with CG stating

  that his Landlord had printed 1,000 copies for distributing to 7 offices

  as well as being available online.  PM advised that a Presentation

  on this was given at their September Meeting and they were happy with

  the information provided and the answers given to the several points

  they questioned.  Much discussion then followed on the different ways

  Landlords carry out their Rent Consultation.

• Community Planning – CG wanted to make all aware of this with

  regard to the Local Development Plan which Argyll and Bute have sent

  out already.  Others should receive this and if not should ask.

• HRA Update – GL advised that a new Questionnaire had been sent to

  selected Members and Local Authorities and SM advised that 10 Local

  Authorities had applied so far.  RF and TO advised that they had also

  received one and replied so we await with interest the Final Report sent

  to the Housing Minister and the outcomes from this. 

• Age, Home and Communities Group – SB advised that the next

  Meeting of this was in December and requested our agreement for him

  to raise the issue of Pension Credit -v- Guaranteed Pension Credit as

  only free spectacles were provided with the latter and this was

  becoming a real issue.  All agreed. 


  AM advised that if there is a history of Glucoma in the family tests are

  now bi-annually instead of annually.









































































• Regional Networks National Event on 21/11/19 – All had received an

  invite to this and majority confirmed their attendance.  More information

  to follow.

• SHR Publications – CG advised that their National Report together

  with their Report on Interventions was now on their Website.


SB advised that Aileen Campbell, Cabinet Secretary, had visited his

  Tenants and Residents Group after being invited and all had gone

  extremely well with lots of things happening since because of it.


CG advised that Kevin Stewart would be attending his Landlord’s

  opening of new properties near Oban.


AM advised that 74 properties were being built in his area which

  included a Care Home.
























Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting -


• Wednesday, 20th November 2019 in Edinburgh (short Meeting) at

  possibly 6.00p.m. with Venue to be agreed on the day.




• Friday, 10th January 2020 at 11.00 a.m. in Scottish Government

  Offices, AB1 Building, 48 Huntly Street, Aberdeen.















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