North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 20 November 2020

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held on Friday, 20th November 2020 at 11.00 a.m.

via Zoom


Cameron Grant

Vice Chair


Leonora Montgomery



Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Colin Stewart

Committee Member


Patricia Millar

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member





In attendance:


Islay McLauchlan

Scottish Government










Bill Chapman



Susan McLellan

Scottish Government


Alasdair Mackenzie

Committee Member


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member


Ruth Fraser

Committee Member

















Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

All were welcomed to the Meeting and Apologies were given as stated.

Declarations of Interest – CS gave his for being on the SHR Board.










Minute of Meeting held on 21st October 2020 and Matters Arising

This were proposed by GL and seconded by SB as an accurate record of the Meeting.

Matters Arising











Treasurer’s Report

LHM advised that as there had been no expenditure during October the Balances remain at £1,651.40 Cr in the Bank Account and £32.05 Cr in Petty Cash.





Business Matters

• How are Landlords Involving their Tenants/Tenant Groups in

  Consultations – PM wanted to raise this following on from her issues

  stated at our last two Meetings and advised that they were no further

  forward on with this, despite Tenants complaining and writing a letter to

  the Minister (to which they have not even received an

  acknowledgement let alone a reply).  They feel that Angus City Council

  has totally abandoned them and their telephone calls go unanswered. 

  TO advised that he totally agreed with all PM had said although he had

  been one of a few invited to take part in a virtual Rent Consultation – at

  which he had been the only one to turn up!  GL advised that it was the

  same with Perth and Kinross Council and it seems that it’s the same 

  situation with a number of Local Authorities however, RSL’s seem to

  be better at this by involving all by a variety of methods as it should be.

  CG suggested they write another letter of complaint to the Council, and

  PM added that they had no dedicated TP Officer which was another

  problem.  We await to hear the outcome of these Letters of Complaint.

• Age, Home and Community Group Report – SB advised that he had,

  on behalf of this Group raised at the Chairs and Secretaries, the issue

  of private home owners receiving a leaflet through their door from an

  electrical company stating that the new Smoke/Heat Detector/Carbon

  Monoxide Alarms had to be installed by 1st February 2021, as per

  Scottish Government Legislation.  This turned out to be a nationwide

  concern which several MSP’s raised at the Scottish Parliament with the

  result being that this has now been deferred for one year until February

  2022.  LHM pointed out that the Legislation does in fact say from 1st

  February 2021 and not by as quoted in the leaflets.  Some Landlords,

  both RSL and Local Authorities, have already commenced installing

  these.  SB pointed out that at the moment this is not enforceable by law

  but could affect Insurance Claims.

• Website Update – CS confirmed what we already knew that this is up

  and running and that he had a Meeting with Civic next week to finalise

  the few small outstanding issues.  SB wanted it minuted that his sister,

  who helped produce the Disability Act, couldn’t praise the Website

  enough and wished all others were the same.  Congratulations were

  given to CS for all his hard work during this long struggle!  CS advised

  that he wanted one person from each Region to take on the task of

  keeping their Region up to date although he would still be over-

  seeing it all.  LHM asked if anyone present was interested in taking this

  on but then CG and LHM were suggested by SB and all agreed.

• Newsletter – CG asked if there was an update on this and IM is

  therefore going to find out the latest on this.


 PM had to leave the Meeting at this point (11.47a.m.).


• Chairs and Secretaries Group Report – LHM, at the request of CG,

  read out what had been on the Agenda for this, all of which are on our

  own Agenda for today.

• SHR Liaison Group Report – LHM, at the request of CG, read out

  what had been on the Agenda for this, most of which was again on

  our own Agenda for today.  LHM further advised that the Group name

  was going to be known now as SHR/Regional Network Liaison Group.

  CG stated at this point that at the SHR Liaison Group Debrief, a

  number of Members had questioned the need for the two Tenant Board

  Members to be in attendance at every Meeting and the decision had

  been taken to invite them to two Meetings per year and a letter was to

  be sent in this respect.  CS, who is one of  the two Tenant Board

  Members in question, advised that he had no objection to not being

  invited to every Meeting as they were there as Observers only unless

  invited to speak.  CS further stated that he would look to be invited to

  as many Meetings as possible as he felt it was beneficial to all


• SHR EESSH Consultation Response – All had received a copy of

  this and answers were provided to all the questions asked.  LHM is

  therefore tasked with forwarding this as soon as possible.

• HRA Scrutiny – This had been spoken about at the Chairs and

  Secretaries and all the paperwork from Hugh McClung forwarded to all

  Members.  LHM advised that she had been expecting a follow up email

  from the TP Team detailing the questions but had received nothing.  IM

  checked up on this and this is to follow shortly.

• Rent Setting in Areas –  LHM advised that this was another item from

  the Chairs and Secretaries and all had been sent the paperwork

  related to this and the list of questions from the Scottish Government.

  LHM stated that all had to complete this individually but was overruled

  so a collective response was obtained after much discussion and LHM

  will forward this to the TP Team by 30th November 2020, as requested.


















































































• Vote of Thanks - SB proposed a Vote of Thanks from us all to IM as

  this was to be her last Meeting with us before moving onto to pastures


• Time of Meetings – After discussion it was agreed by all that as our

  Meetings will be virtual for some time to come,  it would be more

  beneficial to start these at 10.00 a.m.










Date, Time and Venue of Next Meeting –

Friday, 8th January 2021 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom.

All were wished a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.





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