North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 21 August 2020

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held on Friday, 26th June 2020 via Zoom







Leonora Montgomery



Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Colin Stewart

Committee Member


Alasdair Mackenzie

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member




















In attendance:


Susan McLellan

Scottish Government


Islay McLachlan

Scottish Government








Patricia Millar

Committee Member


Bill Chapman



Cameron Grant

Vice Chair


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member


Ruth Fraser

Committee Member


















Welcome and Apologies


All were welcomed to the Meeting and Apologies given as stated.





















Minute of Meeting


It was agreed that as these Virtual Meetings will be in place for some

time, a formal Minute would be taken.  If we are not Quorate, LHM will

contact those not in attendance at the following Meeting but who

attended the Meeting in question, for their approval of the Minute to

enable these to be posted on the Website/sent out to Organisations. 

There will also be a formal Agenda so LHM will request items from all

 two weeks in advance of scheduled Meeting.


Treasurer’s Report


LHM advised the following –                                              £

February 2020 – Bank Account Opening Balance       1,779.99

                           Deposits for the Month                             0.00

                           Less Expenditure for the Month        1,615.75

                           Leaving a Balance of                            164.24

                           Petty Cash Opening Balance                 12.08

                           Deposits for the Month                         100.00

                           Less Expenditure for the Month             80.03

                           Leaving a Balance of                             32.05


A Credit of £1,500.00 from the Scottish Government was made to the Bank Account in March, however there has been no Expenditure from

the Bank Account or Petty Cash during March, April and May so the

Balances remain at – Bank Account Cr £1,664.24

                                   Petty Cash     Cr £     32.05








































































Business Matters

• Website Update – CS showed us on screen the new Regional

  Networks Website and had also forwarded a note of several issues/

  suggestions and wanted our input.  All agreed with the following – that

  only the Minutes from AGM in 2019 onward should be shown, with

  previous ones being archived, defining Categories more for easier

  access and displaying the Map highlighting the different regions.  SM is

  going to feed this back to Annabel and she in turn will contact Colin to

  discuss in more detail.

• Meeting on Accessibility with Minister – SB had been one of the

  three Regional Network Members to dial into this and had raised

  several issues and is waiting to hear back on these.

• SHR Liaison Group – CS advised that he had suggested to the SHR

  that himself and the other Tenant on the Board should attend these

  Meetings. SM advised that they were trying to organise Virtual

  Meetings with both the Liaison Group and the Chairs and Secretaries

  so we await to hear the outcome.  IM advised that the TP Team are

  now all on Zoom however, on their personal devices only so will be

  arranging these Meetings, together with the other Regions Meetings via


• AGM Postponement to May 2021 – LHM asked if there had been any

  decision on this and Region 4 has agreed with us and Regions 2 and 3

  will be asked at their Meetings next week and we will be notified there-


• HRA – GL advised that he had a follow up telephone Meeting with

  Edinburgh Federation where they discussed the analysing of the

  Budget Sheets and he is hoping that Perth Council will adopt this.

• Scottish Housing Day – LHM asked if all had received the email from

  IM re this on the 16th September 2020 requesting they write a ‘blog’ on

  1) ‘How they came to be in Social Housing’ and 2) the ‘Value they find

  in Social Housing’ and were they all going to complete this?  All said

  they would and LHM is to telephone GL and PM after the Meeting to

  explain what this is about as they did not receive details on this.  Three

  replies have been received so far so LHM is hoping for much more

  before the cut off date of 12th July as she has to collate and forward all

  the responses to Callum at CIH.  It is hoped to produce News Sheets at

  the end of July and August to keep all updated.  All Landlords should

  have received their Suggestion Pack before then giving ideas on what

  kind of ‘Events’ they can hold virtually, so hopefully all Tenants and

  Residents will hear about this from their Landlords.

• TIS Event on Digital Engagement – A Study of Tenants – TO

  advised that he had dialled into this and found it very informative.  He

  will post the literature and notes from this to Basecamp after the

















































SM advised that the Scottish Government’s Allocation Policy is to be

  published on the 29th June 2020 which will reinstate the procedure for

  viewings, signings, etc.  SM also advised that they had been receiving

  a lot of complaints from Tenants on waiting lists who were unhappy

  with the current situation.

AM advised that he had taken part in a Teams Meeting yesterday for

  4 hours interviewing candidates for the vacant TP Officer post.  They

  have chosen someone and are awaiting confirmation of acceptance

  before advising us of their details.












Date and Time of Next Meeting –


Friday, 21st August 2020 at 11.00 a.m. via Zoom








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