North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 21 May 2020



North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Virtual Meeting on Zoom

held on Thursday, 21st May 2020 at 11.00 a.m.


Present  :       Leonora Montgomery (LHM)
Colin Stewart (CS)
                      Steve Byrne (SB)
                      Alasdair Mackenzie (AM)
                      Tom O’Brien (TO)
                      Gerald Low (GL)

                      Susan McLellan (SM) Scottish Government
                      Islay McLachlan (IM)  Scottish Government

Apologies :    Cameron Grant (CG)
                      Patricia Millar (PM)
                      Derek Wilkie (DW)


LHM advised that she had been invited on to the Scottish Housing Day’s Orgainising Committee which is made up of Officers from CIH/Alacho/TPAS/SFHA/Shelter/Scottish Government.  At the virtual Meeting last week the decision was taken to keep the 16thSeptember 2020 as Scottish Housing Day although it would be carried out virtually with various interactive events, etc.  LHM did raise the issue of including those Tenants/Residents who are not digitally connected so a revised plan is to be produced.  A Supporters Pack is also going to be issued to all Landlords and the theme for the day is to be ‘The Value of Social Housing’ with more details being provided at the June Meeting. 

LHM also raised the issue of our AGM which was changed from May to September this year but she felt that this being still uncertain times, that it should be cancelled for this year and made May 2021.  After discussion, all present (plus PM) were in agreement with this.  SM has been in contact with some of the Chairs on this subject and will go back again with our decision and will let us know the majority decision from these discussions.  Question was raised as regards where this left the two Co-optees we had in waiting and SM is to contact them to invite them to join our Virtual Meetings.

GL advised that he had been on a visit to the Edinburgh Federation prior to lockdown and much discussion took place around the HRA with a few tips and ideas produced on how to improve this.  They also had a lengthy discussion on how to involve younger people with no new were forthcoming. 

SM advised that TIS/TPAS were in the process of conducting a ‘pilot’ on this issue and is awaiting the results.

CS stated that in Castlehill’s recent Tenant Satisfaction Survey 33% wanted to be involved online so his RTO are having a series of Virtual Coffee Mornings, minus Staff, to see how many they can recruit.

AM advised that his RTO had laid on a Soup and Sandwich Event at the local Library, prior to lockdown and again with no Staff, and this attracted about 10 individuals.   

TO stated that some time back in collaboration with the local College, his RTO had laid on an Event specifically for younger people providing Pizza etc, and not one person turned up!

CS showed us the changes he was going to make to Basecamp re creating a ‘Client List’ for anyone wishing to receive selected documents.

SM updated us on the Website in that both she and IM had trialled this and are waiting for the handover which will hopefully be sometime soon!

SB had no update from the Age, Home and Community Group but raised a complaint against the Scottish Government for not stating on their Covid 19 messages that these were available in Large Print.  This will be taken forward.

AM advised that their Officer, Jane Ballantyne, had moved on and they were waiting to carry out the interviews for a new Officer.

SM asked if any of us had received information from our Landlords on the current situation with Allocations but other than AM, no-one else had heard anything.

CS was thanked by all present for organising this Meeting on Zoom after the problems we had experienced previously.


Date and Time of next Meeting on Zoom

Friday, 26th June 2020 at 11.00 a.m.


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