North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 29 October 2021

Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held on Friday, 29th October 2021 at 10.00 a.m.

via Zoom


Colin Stewart



Alasdair Mackenzie

Vice Chair


Leonora Montgomery



Tom O’Brien

Committee Member


Liz Richardson

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member






Susan McLellan

Scottish Government







Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Cameron Grant

Committee Member


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member


Sue Mcaleaney

Committee Member









Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

CS welcomed all to the Meeting and gave the Apologies as stated.

Declarations of Interest – CS gave his for being on the SHR Board.













Minute of Meeting held on 3rd September 2021

This was proposed by GL and seconded by LR as an accurate record

of the Meeting.

Matters Arising

5. A.O.C.B. –

    • Prospective New Member – LHM had forwarded an email to the

      TP Officer, as requested, but to date has received no reply.












Treasurer’s Report

LHM advised that as there was no expenditure during September the

Balances remain at - Bank £1,651.40 Cr and Petty Cash £16.33 Cr.







Business Matters

• Website Update – CS advised that this was up and running but

  is still waiting for the Subscription Service to be added by the new

  Company.  CS met with them and they agreed to do the work and

  ‘fingers crossed’ this will be completed soon.

• Chairs and Secretaries Group Update – LHM advised that she had

  this on the Agenda to let all know that TO and GL would be attending

  the next Meeting on 2nd November 2021.  SMca had not replied to

  emails or texts regarding her attending and as a result, has missed

  her turn for the second time.

• SHR Liaison Group Report – LHM advised that at the Meeting

  they discussed the results of the National Report on the Scottish

  Social Housing Charter and Covid-19 Quarterly Return.  Updates

  were given on the Social Housing Resilience Group; ZEST Report

  and challenges for Landlords; Tenant Advisors term of 3 years

  coming to an end and new ones being sought for commencement in

  March 2022; Board Updates; Statutory Action and Engagement

  Plans; and Recent/Future Publications and Events – all of these being

  available on their Website. They also advised that two new Board

  Members had been selected and would be announced within the next

  couple of days as their term starts on 2nd November 2021.  We raised

  concerns on Shared Unsuitable Homeless Accommodation and the

  high price of electricity impacting on rents.  Much discussion took

  place regarding these and we were reminded of the Energy Hardship

  Fund being available which is £10million this year and they gave out

  £1million last year.  We gave them the Region Updates and set the

  Meeting Dates for 2022, the first one in January being a Question and

  Answer Session with George Walker and Michael Cameron.  All were

  asked to think on Questions for this.

• Communications Group Report – CS advised that he had met with

  LHM to go through the Communications Strategy and that they had

  made quite a number of changes to bring it up to date.  This will be

  taken to the TP Team/Group for comments/suggestions and

  agreement so that all Regions are following the criteria going forward.

• Rent Focus Group Report – TO reported that it had been a very

  interesting Meeting and they would be working on Research in the

  New Year to find out all Landlords Rents.  Calum Chumczuk from

  Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) gave them good ideas and

  tips as it will be a big piece of work.  The Group hope to produce this

  for inclusion in the Scottish Government’s Report.

• HRA Group Report – SMcL advised that Mary MacCallum from the

  Scottish Government had not replied to Hugh McClung after her

  Meeting with the Group so he will write again.  The Cabinet Secretary,

  Shona Robinson had a Meeting with COSLA yesterday to raise this

  issue and SMcL is awaiting to hear the outcome of this.  COSLA to be

  invited to the Group and ALACHO is already involved, as reported at

  last Meeting, and both are interested in this issue going forward.

• Training Events Feedback – Majority of those who attended felt they

  were interesting although three in one week was too much.  CS

  stated that the Training for Office Bearers should be carried out as

  soon as possible after the AGM’s.  SMcL stated that the Training had

  been in response to the answers from the Survey they sent out and it

  all takes time to organise.  In the New Year they will be focussing on

  Information Sessions such as Policy Procedures for one. 

  Suggestions were asked for and ‘How to Condense Reports’ and

  ‘Help with Speaking in Public’ were given.
















































































• Zero Emission Report – CS asked if all had read this rather lengthy

  Report and all had only managed to read part so far.  CS stated that

  he was disappointed that no Landlord from the East of Scotland had

  been invited.  All Members felt that the Regional Networks should

  be asked to participate in these Consultations from the start.  SMcL

  advised that she was not sure how this would work as the

  Consultations usually commence with the Professionals in that area. 

  The TP Team try as much as possible to have the Regional Networks

   involved when they hear of these Consultations and try to get on as

   many as possible.

• Possible New Member – SMcL advised that the TP Team had

  received a letter from Stanley Green from Fraserburgh,  a former

  Member and Chair of the Regional Network requesting to return as a

  Member.  After discussion, it was agreed to invite him as an Observer

  to our next Meeting.  SMcL to attend to this.

SMcL thanked CS for Chairing and finishing early!  SMcL also

  thanked both CS and LHM for their continuing hard work for the

  Networks and the Committee Members for engaging with the topics

  under discussion.  She always enjoys coming to our Meetings!
























Date and Time of Next Meeting –

Friday, 17th December 2021 at 10.00 a.m. via Zoom.




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