North of Scotland Regional Network 1 - Minutes - 8 April 2022

Approved Minute of North of Scotland Regional Network 1

Meeting held on Friday, 8th April 2022 at 10.00 a.m.

via Zoom


Colin Stewart



Leonora Montgomery



Steve Byrne

Committee Member


Gerald Low

Committee Member


Liz Richardson

Committee Member


Tom O’Brien

Committee Member



In attendance:

Susan McLellan

Scottish Government







Alasdair Mackenzie

Vice Chair


Sue Macaleaney

Committee Member


Cameron Grant

Committee Member


Derek Wilkie

Committee Member












Welcome, Apologies and Declarations of Interest

CS welcomed all to the Meeting and Apologies were given as stated.

Declarations of Interest – CS gave his for being on the SHR Board.











Minute of Meeting held on 11th February 2022

This was proposed by GL and seconded by LR as an accurate record

of the Meeting.

Matters Arising













Treasurer’s Report

LHM advised that as there had been no expenditure during February

and March the Balances at the Year End were - Bank Account –

£1,651.40 Cr and Petty Cash - £16.33 Cr.








Business Matters

• Website Update – CS advised that as nothing has changed, the

  Communications Group asked him to forward a letter of complaint to

  Anne Cook re this situation.  The new Company will only do updates

  so he will go back to Civic again re the Subscription Service as they

  have already been paid to carry out this work.  Back ups also need to

  be done as the Website is not secure.

• Chairs and Secretaries Group Update - LHM advised that the

  next Meeting will take place on the 10th May 2022 and AM and DW are

  the next two on the Rota to attend.  LHM will therefore email them both

  after this Meeting.

• SHR Liaison Group Update – LHM stated the Pre-Agenda Meeting

  is next Tuesday (12th) and requested all Landlord/Area/Region

  Updates by 17th April 2022 as Meeting with SHR is on the 26th April

  2022 at which CS and the other Tenant Board Member will be in


• Communications Group Report and Strategy – CS advised that the 

  Meeting took place last Wednesday which began with a lengthy

  discussion on the Website.  Group also went through the Strategy

  making amendments where necessary from Sharon Donohoe’s (TIS)

  suggestions.  One Section she quoted was not clear so CS to contact

  her regarding this and this will be the Final Draft.  After Meeting CS

  forwarded this to Members of the Group for comments.  Appendices 

  now on separate Spread Sheets containing the confidential information

  so any amendments to this should be forwarded to CS.  GL to receive

  a paper copy of these but they are not for sharing with anyone outwith

  Committee.  CS asked SM re this continuing to sit on his One Drive

  and not the Scottish Government’s and SM advised that this was fine

  meantime, if any change, she will let him know.  Both the Newsletter

  and Trifold Leaflet are at the Printers and will be out before the AGM’s.

  Next Meeting is on the 11th May 2022.

• Rent Focus Group Report – CS advised that they had spent over

  2 hours going through the New Deal for Tenants Draft Strategy with

  Lesley Baird (TPAS).  Next Meeting is on the 26thApril 2022 when they   

  will be working on the Questionnaires for both Tenants and Landlords.

• HRA Group Update – No Meeting has taken place and no updates so


• Housing 2040 Group Update – The initial Meeting of this Group took

  place virtually and all future Meetings will be virtual and open to all

  from the Social Sector and they will speak to other Organisations to

  have their involvement going forward.  Ideas for the Group were

  requested and question was asked if the Protected Characteristics

  were correct.  New Panel will be separate and they are to ask the SHR

  how they communicate with their non-digital Panel members.

• New Deal for Tenants – Draft Strategy Consultation Feedback

  All agreed that this went well although rather lengthy at over 2 hours

  and we did not answer all Questions.

• Question and Answers with Cabinet Secretary – CS and SB

  attended this and felt it was a good Meeting with both Shona Robinson

  and Patrick Harvie being very engaging, nice to talk to and interested

  in what the Group had to say.  Questions were on – HRA; Energy

  Costs; Storm Damage – Gas; Fuel Bill Support; Housing for Varying

  Needs; Broadband Connectivity in Scotland; Housing Ukrainian

  Refugees in Scotland; Demolition of Houses to Build New Ones.  We

  await receipt of the Minute to see their answers in full.  Meetings are

  to be 2-3 times per year and CS stated that Questions need to be right

  by looking at the timing of what is taking place at that time.













































































• AGM – All had received the Nomination Papers and Booking Form

  from TPAS.  TO again stated that he did not know how he was going to

  re-apply as his Group had not met, been contacted by Angus Council

  or the TP Officer.  TO did state that the latter had been off sick so SM

  will try and contact her again for an update.

  > CS stated that immediately following the conclusion of the AGM a

  short Committee Meeting would take place to Elect the Office Bearers’

  and to set a date for our first Meeting of the new Committee.

  > We might have a possible three new Members, one from Moray and

  two from Orkney.

• LHM advised that she had received a letter from a Resident of

  Aberdeen City Council regarding two parts of our Constitution and one

  on our Expenses Policy for AGM’s.  After LHM discussed this with CS,

  CS sent a reply, as Chair, answering all the points raised in full.

















Date and Time of Next Meeting –

AGM – Saturday, 14th May 2022 at 11.00 a.m. via Zoom.




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