South East Scotland Regional Network 2 - Minutes - 06 January 2020

Minutes of the South East Scotland Regional Network committee meeting

Monday 6 January 2020, Boardroom, Thistle House, Edinburgh




Alan Dunton (AD)- Acting Chair

Jeanette Boyd (JB)

Alan David Frank (ADF)

Jim Galloway (JG)

Terry Kirby (TK)

Cath McArthur (CMcA)

Lillias Reid (LR)

David Rintoul (DR)


In attendance:


Anne Cook (AC), Scottish Government, Head of Social Housing Services

Carolynne Watson (CW), Scottish Government Tenant Participation Manager











Welcome and apologies


AD welcomed everyone to the meeting and wished everyone a happy new year. AD noted that this meeting is taking place sooner than anticipated as a result of the resignation of the Chair and Secretary at the previous committee meeting in December, and also noted the subsequent resignation of the Treasurer in the intervening time. AD stated his hope that today’s meeting will be a fresh start for the committee after the issues the Region experienced at the end of the last year. He then handed over to AC to provide an update on these issues and the outcomes.




South East Scotland Regional Network update


AC provided a short verbal update to the committee, outlining an incident in early November 2019 at the Scottish Parliament public café and the subsequent events. It was noted that subsequently, the former Chairperson, Secretary and other representatives from the same local authority area had resigned . Following the December meeting, the former Treasurer also took the decision to resign from the committee as a result of ongoing delays with the bank processing account access mandates.


TK highlighted the concerns of the former Treasurer in relation to the issues with the banking mandates and JB gave an update on the actions taken over the previous months to complete the mandates and account updates. CW noted that these delays and difficulties are being experienced by other Regions and that the delays are caused by bank processes.


It was noted that the former Chair, Secretary and Treasurer had outstanding mandate forms to be added as signatories to the bank account and that this had not been approved by the committee. There are currently three authorised signatories to the account. In future any changes to signatories will require committee approval.


The committee noted the update. AD noted that the former Secretary had agreed to provide minutes of the December meeting including a record of the resignations, however this has not been provided. The committee members who were present at the December meeting agreed to provide a short meeting note recording the key points of the meeting and the resignations ahead of the next meeting in February.




Election of office bearers


The election of office bearers took place. The committee noted that the Region 2 constitution at present splits the office bearer posts into two-yearly elections. The posts due for election during 2020 are the posts of Chair and Secretary, and so the election of these posts will be regarded as ‘interim’ until the South East Scotland AGM takes place in May. AD was subsequently proposed, seconded and elected to the post of interim Chair and LR proposed, seconded and elected to the interim Secretary post. Both posts will be up for election at the AGM in May.


As the posts of Vice Chair and Treasurer would not currently be required for election until 2021, these posts are not regarded as interim. ADF was proposed, seconded and elected to the post of Vice Chair and JB proposed, seconded and elected to the post of Treasurer.


Following on from the elections, the committee discussed the differences between the South East Scotland constitution and the constitutions of each of the other Regional Networks, including the split of office bearer posts across a two-yearly cycle. The committee agreed to undertake an exercise to review the differences between the South East Scotland constitution and that of the other Regional Networks with a view to synchronising these at the AGM if this is considered to be beneficial. CW to provide copies of the constitutions with differences highlighted; JG will identify the differences between the constitutions for consideration by the committee.


Committee membership now stands at 11 representatives. CW was asked to circulate a list of the contact details for all committee members and to contact the representatives who have not attended meetings recently to confirm whether they wish to continue as part of the committee. Fife now has no representatives on the committee and some local authority areas remain under-represented. Ahead of the AGM, the committee agreed to consider how to raise awareness of the Regional Networks in these areas in a bid to bring new members on board.






































Moving Forward


The committee agreed that bringing on new members to ensure a good level of representation for all local authority areas in the Region would be the top priority for the committee in the coming months. The committee noted that this would not simply be an exercise in filling places and that all committee members are expected to make a meaningful contribution to the work of the Regional Networks.


The case for bringing the constitution back into line with the other Regional Networks was also agreed as a key area of work for the committee over the next few months. This will discussed further at the next committee meeting.


Planning for the AGM will also begin as soon as possible and the AGM date was confirmed as Saturday 2 May 2020, with an 11am start. TK to confirm whether the AGM can be held at The Academy at Dunedin Canmore’s offices in New Mart Road, Edinburgh and CW to begin planning work for publicising the AGM, committee nominations and election of office bearers.




















Committee meetings 2020


The committee discussed and agreed outline dates for meetings for the remainder of the year with the preferred venue confirmed as the Boardroom in Thistle House. Room availability to be confirmed and meeting schedule will be sent by email to all committee members. A meeting planner for the committee (which will be refreshed and updated at each meeting and will outline all meetings Region 2 will have involvement with during the course of the year) will also be circulated.











The Scottish Government’s consultation on Housing to 2040 is now open. CW will confirm a date for a facilitated consultation session for the committee which is likely to be a joint session with the North of Scotland network. Information on the session to be confirmed as soon as possible to allow adequate time for reading and considering the consultation paperwork.


The committee discussed and agreed that committee members should be providing reports on meetings and events they have attended as part of the Regional Networks and that minutes and papers of all meetings should be provided quickly in order to assist Regional Network members from all networks to update to their committees. No update on the Chairs & Secretaries meeting and Ministerial meeting was provided to the December committee meeting; CW to circulate draft C&S minutes and to circulate Ministerial minute when these have been approved by Mr Stewart.



















Date of next meeting


Monday 25 February 2020. CW to confirm availability of Thistle House and confirm to the committee.

Post meeting note: Date and venue confirmed.






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