South East Scotland Regional Network 2 - Minutes - 17 February 2020

Minutes of the South East Scotland Regional Network Committee Meeting

Monday 17th February 2020, Boardroom, Thistle House, Edinburgh




Alan Dunton (AD) Acting Chair

Jeanette Boyd (JB) Treasurer

Jim Galloway (JG)

Cath McArthur (CMcA)

Lillias Reid (LR) Acting Secretary

David Rintoul (DR)

Irina Lazerenko (IL)


In attendance:


Michael Boal (MB) Scottish Government




Terry Kirby (TK)







Welcome and apologies


Alan D welcomed everyone to the meeting.


Apologies were received from Terry Kirby and Debra McCreath.





Minutes of last meeting and matters arising


The minutes were discussed by the committee. Cath referred to Item 3, Paragraph 2: Election of Office Bearers, which stated that the Vice Chair and Treasurer were not required for election until 2021, she wondered how that could be, considering we were holding an AGM this year. Proposed changes to the current constitution was an agenda item and would be discussed then.


The minutes were then proposed by David Rintoul and seconded by Cath McArthur.





Moving forward


Michael reported that the meeting we had in January had been

successful in putting a line under what had happened and that the committee would develop and work together to promote the Network.


The committee went on to discuss whether the members from

Borders were committed to being part of the Network. At the January

meeting it had been decided to write to the members who had not

attended meetings recently, to confirm whether they wished to continue as part of the committee. As this had not been done, due to staff illness, Michael agreed to write to them on the Network’s behalf.


Michael also agreed to contact all TP Officers in Fife to make them aware of the vacancies and how important it was to this committee to have representatives from Fife.


All RTO’s in the South East of Scotland would be advised in advance of the AGM.


Post Meeting note: Debra had emailed her apology to Susan on the day of this meeting.
























Constitution Changes


After much discussion and deliberation, the committee agreed to propose at the AGM on Saturday 2nd May 2020, that Network 2 adopt the same Constitution as Networks 1, 3 and 4, with the exception that we keep 3 members per area.


The current constitution would be adhered to until after the AGM.


Alan D would inform the Chairs and Secretaries at the meeting on 25th February of our intention.





Promoting positions available on committee


The areas with a full complement of members at present were East Lothian (3), and Edinburgh (3). Midlothian and West Lothian were under-represented with one each. David was representing West Lothian as an observer at present, and would be seeking nomination to the committee at the AGM. David had been trying to bring new members for West Lothian, but so far without success. He will continue to promote the Network at his local meetings.


The members from the under- represented areas could invite someone to the next meeting as an observer. This would give them an insight into how the Networks operate and hopefully would encourage them to be nominated for a place on the committee.


Packs would be sent to all RTOs and other Panels prior to the AGM.





Treasurer’s report

Jeanette reported that the balance in the bank at today’s date was £522.18.


There was no change in the signatories, Jeanette as Treasurer, with Cath and Lillias. Two signatures are required at all times.










































Positions available on Scottish Government Working Groups


Michael explained that a number of the Scottish Government Working Groups required nominees to be put forward to the Chairs and Secretaries meetings and then decisions would be taken as to who would represent this Region on whichever group needed members. On other groups we had direct representation.


David had attended the last Joint Housing Policy Delivery Group as an observer, in place of Terry. There were two members from other Regions on the Joint Housing Policy Group and David was seeking nomination as stand-in should either of the members be unable to attend,


Other groups were:

  • The Fire Safety Revue Group: The Regional Networks are members. No representatives are currently needed.


  • Housing Revenue Accounts Group: This group hasn’t met for a while, but people from this Region were welcome to attend, although no meeting was planned in the near future. Jim Galloway was interested.


  • Age, Home and Community Group:. This group meets twice per year, but no representatives are needed.


  • The Housing and Social Security Group: currently has only one member on the group from the networks. Anyone from this committee who was interested should give their name to Michael, although there was no guarantee they would be chosen. Jim Galloway put his name forward. Michael would email Susan and Carolynne to let them know Jim has put his name forward as a nominee.


  • The Scottish Housing Regulator Liaison Group: Currently the members from this region were Alan D and Terry. Two more members from this region could attend. Four would attend the pre-meetings and then two would attend the actual meeting with the other two on stand-by


Updates of these meetings were given at the Chairs and Secretaries meeting. Alan D would feedback to the committee.













































Training Requirements










Emergency Contacts

Everyone agreed that this was a good idea, as it gave the TP Team permission to contact next of kin if an emergency occurred.


Members not present today can fill in the form at the next meeting on the 16th March.






Irina reported that although she had email, she had no printing facilities and would require hard copies of meeting papers. She also asked that if a meeting had to be cancelled, texts were sent instead of emails.







Forward planner for next meetings and close


Thistle house was not available on 23rd March or 30th March. Michael checked availability for 6th April and 16th March. Thistle House was not available for 6th April. The Board room was free on 16th March. So next meeting confirmed as 16th March at 11 am.


AGM confirmed as 2nd May, however as Terry was not at the meeting we were unable to confirm if the Wheatley Academy at Dunedin Canmore Housing Association was available for this date. SG to contact Terry and check whether it is free


Post Meeting Note: Lillias had contacted Terry, and he confirmed that the Wheatley Academy at Dunedin Canmore Housing Association, in New Mart Road, Edinburgh was available for Saturday 2 May 2020.









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