South East Scotland Regional Network 2 - Minutes - 17 January 2022

South East Scotland Regional Network Virtual Committee Meeting

Monday January 17th 2022


In attendance

Lillias Reid

Terry Kirby

Isabella Vint

Alan Dunton

Irina Lazarenko


In attendance (SG)

Carolynne Watson


































































































Welcome and Apologies

Carolynne Watson welcomed everyone to meeting.

Alan Frank (Chair) and Bill Campbell (Vice Chair) were not in attendance therefore Isabella Vint (Secretary) agreed to chair.

Apologies were received from Bill Campbell and Penelope Ciancanelli.

Minutes of the previous meeting and matters arising

Under Page 5 - Communications and Work Planning, Terry Kirby questioned if any social media platforms had ever been considered as a means of communication.

Carolynne responded saying that social media platforms have not yet been considered however the Communications Sub-Group are looking at communications more broadly and how to raise the profile of the Regional Networks. Carolynne continued, stating that she and Isabella will raise this point at the next Communications meeting.

Lillias Reid – Proposer

Terry Kirby - Seconder


Meeting Updates and Rota:

  • SHR Liaison Group – In Bill’s absence, Carolynne made the committee aware that the SHR Liaison Group last met on the 6th January. Carolynne explained the reason for the last meeting being so close to Christmas was due to the fact that the meeting date agreed with the full SHR team of representatives is tomorrow (Tuesday 18th January 2022) where Michael Cameron (Chief Executive) and George Walker (Chair of SHR) will meet with the group. The pre-meeting held on the 6th January was to agree on topics that the Regional Networks want to raise tomorrow (Tuesday 18th January 2022).


  • Rent Focus Group – Terry noted that the Rent Focus Group has met twice since the last committee meeting- on the 18th November 2021 and the 9th December 2021

The November meeting was held with Janine Kellett (Head of Homelessness Unit – Scottish Government) and Andrew Wield  (Housing Affordability Team – Scottish Government). Janine and Andrew talked about their work which is primarily investigating affordability. The presentation covered:

- What does affordability mean?

- Reaching a shared understanding of affordability rather

   than a definition for Scotland.

- The shared understanding will be part of the plan to

   achieve outcomes in the Housing to 2040 report.


The Focus group noted that developing a shared understanding will require a person centred perspective, focus on equality and be human rights based and bedded within the aims of building back a better Scotland. It will be important to consider a huge range of issues and all tenures to arrive at a shared understanding which has meaning for all.


  • Chairs and Secretaries

Carolynne reminded the group that the previous Chairs and Secretaries meeting took place on the 2nd November 2021.

Due to Alan Frank being absent from this South East Scotland meeting (17th January 2022) a proper update from the Chair was not possible. Carolynne was not in attendance at the meeting, but used the draft minutes from the Chairs and Secretaries meeting to update the committee on the key points discussed. The full minutes will be shared once approved at the February Chairs & Secretaries meeting.

Carolynne noted Bruce Cuthbertson (Region 3) updated on his information session on ZEST which will take place Thursday 27th January 2022. The Heat in Buildings consultation report had been issued to all regional network members, and a note from the Regional Networks meeting with Cabinet Secretary Shona Robinson MSP and Minister Patrick Harvey MSP had also been issued to all regional network members.


Discussion - Review of the Work Plan

The work plan has been issued to Region 2 members.

Carolynne told the group that any suggestions / amendments that have been previously sent to her have been added to the work plan as tracked changes.

Carolynne noted some points featured within the work plan including actions on working effectively as a committee and communication. The committee has previously discussed some of the topics for focus going forward, including promotion of the Network and recruitment. There was discussion on adding standing items to the committee agenda to cover these, and today’s meeting was intended to be an opportunity to discuss some of those topics in more depth. Due to lower numbers at today’s meeting, the committee requested Carolynne forward the draft workplan to all members for comment and further input ahead of the next meeting, and Carolynne agreed to do this.

The committee agreed that the following points on today’s agenda would be rolled forward to the next meeting, including:

- Discussion on recruitment and promotion;

- Communications and workplanning;

- Round table (New ideas and local issues).


Action Point: Carolynne to forward workplan to all committee members for comment.



Any Other Business         

Nothing further was raised.


Date of next meeting

The following dates were agreed for 2022:

- Monday 14 March;

- Monday 9 May;

- Monday 4 July;

- Monday 29 August;

- Monday 24 October;

- A possible date may be added prior to Christmas.

An AGM date will be agreed separately, by email.

The next meeting will be Monday 14 March at 11am, via Zoom.





























































































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