South West Scotland Regional Network 3 - Minutes - 09 February 2022

South West Scotland Regional Network Virtual Meeting

Wednesday 9th February 2022



In attendance

Bruce Cuthbertson

Margaret Dymond

Norma Ferguson

Margaret Anderson

Anne Cameron

Mac McKenzie


In attendance (SG and Guests)

Susan McLellan

Paul (Balliol Court Tenants Association)

Linda (Balliol Court Tenants Association)

Jane (Balliol Court Tenants Association)


1. Welcome and Introductions

Anne Cameron welcomed everyone to the meeting. All attendees introduced themselves to the guests from Balliol Court Tenants Association.

Apologies were received from Mary Logan.  


2. Minutes of meeting held 15/12/21 and Matters Arising

The minutes of the last meeting were considered:

Proposer – Mac McKenzie

Seconder – Bruce Cuthbertson

There were no matters arising which are not covered elsewhere on today’s agenda.


3. Treasurer’s report

Margaret D provided the Treasurer’s report, noting that there is nothing new to update. The balance of the South West Scotland account remains £1863.21.   


4. Reports from meetings attended by members 

  • SHR – Last meeting held 18/01/2022

Bruce Cuthbertson began by explaining to the guests from Balliol Court that the SHR Liaison Group is set up to facilitate communication between the Scottish Housing Regulator and the Regional Networks. Each region nominates two representatives for every occurring meeting.

The last meeting was an annual meet with the Chair of SHR, George Walker and the Chief Executive, Michael Cameron and consisted of a Q&A discussion session. The Regional Network representatives raised questions on Covid-19 recovery and SHR’s work during the pandemic, as well as discussing quarterly returns.

Bruce reminded the group that he had shared the minutes of the previous meeting which have been approved.


  • Communications sub-group – Last meeting held 26/01/2022

Bruce updated the group by sharing that the new Scottish Government representative of the Communications sub group is Carolynne Watson. At the last meeting, the newsletter was the main topic of discussion with text now finalised to be handed over to the designers. As well as this, the Regional Networks website subscription service was also discussed- work is ongoing with the site designers, and the Communications group noted the unsubscribe link is due to be added to the live site to ensure legal compliance.  

Susan McLellan joined the conversation reminding the group that the Communications Plan has been issued to all Regional Network members for comments. This plan combines previous strategies in the hope of creating one Communications Plan for all regions to follow. Any comments can be made to Colin Stewart and Leonora Montgomery who have been working on the plan, or comments can be submitted to the TP mailbox.

Anne Cameron advised that it was raised at C and S that minutes for R3 were missing from the website, Anne asked who would add these, Margaret D advised that she is still learning so hasn’t added any, Bruce said he was willing to learn, Susan suggested that between Bruce Jemma and Carolynne that they find all relevant minutes and either Jemma or Colin be asked at this time to load them on to website, then Colin should be asked to deliver further training for Margaret D and Bruce to let them do this themselves going forward.

Action – Upload minutes, request more training from Colin for Margaret and Bruce.

Action – Send Norma Ferguson and Margaret Anderson a hard copy of the Communications Plan


  • ZEST information session – Last meeting held 27/01/2022

Bruce Cuthbertson gave a background introduction on ZEST, and an update on the information session he led for Regional Network members on 27 January. Bruce agreed to run another ZEST information session for anyone who could not attend the January session.

Bruce also agreed to issue the ZEST presentation to the Balliol Court visitors for information.


  • Chairs and Secs – Last meeting held 8/02/2022

Anne Cameron updated the group on the topics covered at the February Chairs & Secretaries meeting, including A New Deal for Tenants- draft Rented Sector Strategy consultation, the HRA Group, the Rent Affordability Group and the SHR Liaison Group. Minutes of the C&S meeting will be issued to all Regional Network members when they are available.

Next meeting is 10th May 2022 – Region 3’s turn to chair.


5. Consultation – New Deal for Tenants: Draft Rented Sector Strategy

Anne reminded the group of the Eventbrite session on the New Deal for Tenants: draft Rented Sector Strategy Consultation which is taking place on the 10th March. Susan advised that the session was intended as an information session for Regional Network members and that each Region will have an individual session with either TIS or TPAS in order to complete their response to the consultation.

Susan asked the visitors if they knew about the consultation and they didn’t, Susan agreed that a link to the consultation would be sent to them.


6. Diary updates

17th February - Rent Affordability Sub Group – Virtual Meeting 

10th March – A New Deal for Tenants Consultation – Virtual Session

10th May – Chairs and Secretaries – Virtual Meeting

Bruce will issue the updated meeting planner with any new dates added for information.


7.  LA Reports

Margaret Dymond told the group that East Renfrewshire tenants are waiting to find out how much their rents are going up.

Norma Ferguson is primarily working on the strategy and has an upcoming meeting surrounding it.


8.   AOCB

Nothing to update


9. Next meeting – 6/04/2022

         Post meeting note – a date to discuss AGM/Elections/Constitution will be held 

         on 15th March.


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