South West Scotland Regional Network 3 - Minutes - 23 July 2019

South West Scotland Regional Networks – Network 3

Minutes 23rd July 2019

Atlantic Quay Scottish Gov. Barbour Room 10am-12am




Heather Cuthbert (Chair)

Auchenback Tenants & Residents Ass


Anne Cameron (Vice-Chair)

Treetops TARA


Bruce Cuthbertson (Secretary)

Hurlford TARA


Margaret Dymond (Treasurer)

Maxwellton Court T.A.


John McKenzie (Mac)

Campbell Ass Area TARA


Helen Westwater

ERC Forum Working Group


Margaret Anderson

South Ayrshire Council Tenant Scrutiny Group Housing Options








Carolynne Watson

Scot. Gov. TP Team Manager


Mary Logan (Observer)

Charleston TRA Renfrewshire Council





The Chair Heather Cuthbert extended a warm welcome to everyone. A special welcome was given to our new and former Committee Members Margaret Anderson South Ayrshire Council Tenant Scrutiny Group – Housing Options and Helen Westwater ERC Forum Working Group and to Mary Logan from Charleston TRA Renfrewshire Council who has come along this morning as an observer. Carolynne Watson S. Gov. TP Team Manager was also welcomed.


The Chair handed over the meeting to Carolynne Watson for the Election of the Office Bearers.

The Nominations were as follows:

Chair: Nominee Heather Cuthbert – Unanimously Agreed – Duly Elected


Vice-Chair: Nominee Anne Cameron –

Proposed by Heather Cuthbert

Seconded by Margaret Dymond - Duly Elected



Secretary: Nominee Bruce Cuthbertson

Proposed by Margaret Dymond

Seconded by Margaret Anderson


Treasurer: Nominee Margaret Dymond

Proposed by Anne Cameron

Seconded by Helen Westwater


The Office Bearers were duly welcomed to Office. Carolynne was thanked for conducting the Election.


3. MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING & MATTERS ARISING from minute held on 21st May 2019


There being no minute present it was decided to present the minutes at the next meeting for approval.


4. TREASURER’S REPORT – Margaret Dymond – Treasurer


The Treasurer advised that we had received a top up of £1,000 from S. Gov. this has been banked.

To date we have approximately £1,200 in Bank Account.

A full Audit of Accounts has still to be completed for Region 3. There was no questions for the Treasurer. The Treasurer was thanked for her report.




Update Report: SHR Liaison Group 18/5/19 Buchanan House Glasgow Kay Blair Room – Heather Cuthbert gave a verbal draft report to the meeting highlighting updates on new staff and Board members at SHR, the new Regulatory Framework, Assurance Statements, Statutory Interventions and Engagement Plans, the Annual return on the Charter (ARC) and ARC reporting and the SHR Planner for upcoming work. The Liaison Group also provided their feedback on SHR’s new beta website which noted that the new website is difficult to navigate and is not particularly engaging for users. Kelda confirmed that the website work is continuing with a planned launch of the final site in 2 to 3 weeks time.

Full minutes of the SHR Liaison group meeting will be available after the group’s October meeting. This meeting will take place slightly later than scheduled due to a change in the date to accommodate attendance at the October meeting from George Walker, Chair of the SHR Board and Michael Cameron, SHR Chief Executive.



Update Report; Meeting with Commission and Audit Scotland - Thistle House Haymarket Edinburgh 2nd July 2019 – Carolynne Watson- Report handed out.

  • 4 Regional Network Chairs, Audit Scotland Staff, Carolynne Watson, Michael Boal and Anne Cook in attendance from TP Team.

  • A background Presentation on Regional Network Structure was given by Hugh McClung R4and Carolynne Watson.

  • A background Presentation on Audit Scotland was given by Kate Berry and Carol Calder.

  • Audit of Affordable Housing - (Audit Scotland)Scoping Paper hot of the press and cleared by the Board was handed out to the meeting for discussion – around table Q.& A. session took place – next steps were discussed

Update: Consultations progress – Heather and Carolynne- Both the Consultations for Strengthening Fire Safety High Rise Domestic Buildings and Short Term Lets have been submitted by Region 3.


Re-cap on AGM and Planning next year’s AGM:

  • Working group will be set up to look at

  • Venue

  • Speakers

  • Deadlines

  • Date of first meeting 27/8/19

  • Anne Cameron advised that the Constitution needs to be looked at and amended 5.8.this was duly agreed.


Forward Meeting Planner & Attendees: - Planner work sheet handed out to meeting:

  • Chairs & Secretaries meeting 6th August 2019 – Heather, Bruce, Margaret and Mac

  • SHR Liaison Group (pre-meeting) Agenda 3rd September 2019 – Full meeting 17th September 2019 – it was agreed to wait until the pre-meeting to decide who will attend the full meeting.

  • Audit Scope meeting R3 – 27/8/19 – Thistle House Edinburgh – 3 reps from Region 3 to attend.



  • Newsletter – Carolynne and Margaret are working on this and it is ready to take shape. We were reminded to send in any info we have in our areas.

  • Website – Carolynne advised that she is trying to arrange Training for reps – re-structure – look & refresh the site.

  • Promoting & Membership – developing our Engagement Plan – Carolynne – look at this and refresh

  • Refresh of Work plan & Communications Strategy – Carolynne advised a re-structure of the Work plan will take place – L.A. Landlords & TP Team.




Local Issues:

  • Heather Cuthbert advised that ERC have had the Official Opening of the 3 New Builds in Barrhead side of Authority. 120 Houses have been built by S. Gov. New Affordable Builds Programme. Kevin Stewart Housing Minister officially opened the Build in April 2019.



  • 10th September 2019 Atlantic Quay Glasgow Baird B Room 10am


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